Big News Energy! 🗞️📰

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I got some really big news. And I am excited to share with you!

When I started Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded; I started it with wanting to bring the news to those who could not afford to have it at their disposal. I wanted to bring journalism to my Foundational Black American community, and to bring it in a way that would enhance engagement.

For two and a half years that was what I did. I bought real 100% journalism to the internet world. With it bought 250 of you who were absolutely interested intrigued and engaged and the news that I bought. In July of 2021 I decided to give up on journalism.

I gave up on journalism because of the mental anguish that I had from it. I couldn’t understand why I was reporting on things that were important but we’re not as well. I thought I was differentiate what was real news and what was not. Come to find out I wasn’t doing such a good job.

During this break I was able to commit to other projects as well as learn how to perfect my journalism. With perfecting it I’ve been able to tell stories and I’ve been able to have the freedom to write and to bring the news and to talk about topics that are absolutely important. But I still feel as though I am doing my light.

Now that things in my life were where I believe they are needed to be and I am in a perfect space I figure why not get back into the world of Journalism, why not get back into the reporting that I did in the first place?

Most of you guys have been emailing me and dming me on social media asking to bring back news reporting to dreams Chronicles Reloaded. You enjoy the stories and a topics that I have been telling so far since I have stopped doing journalism however it is the news reporting that bought 250 of you all here.

I will no longer disappoint you are so with that being said I am here to announce that I am back into the journalism world and I am partnering with some of the best journalists from around the country that work in the biggest media companies and that are also entrepreneurs in the writing game to bring you the news reporting that can be the best!

Journalism at its finest was the tagline I had for Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded. I abandoned it and July of 2021. But now it is time to bring it back because journalism needs to be at its finest and with the shift that is changing due to the covid-19 pandemic and the socio-economics that is happening to foundational black Americans and now The narrative is changing and that is because of foundational Black Americans.

This blog will be all about foundational black Americans only! The journalism will be 100% real authentic and verified. The topics will be real controversial life-changing educational and entertaining, with the intention to bring about change and our communities, lives and the Country.

They are trying to ban critical race theory, they’re trying to ban our history, they are trying to ban our culture; they can try but it will not work! And I will see to it that it does not work!

Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded presents: Journalism & Chill: The Reload Chronicles.

Journalism & Chill presents: The Reload Chronicles.

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