There is something in the air?💨🤔🤯😩

My phones are broken due to natural causes, those natural causes include a cracked screen and overusuage. I never paid for insurances on them and little did I know that I had a warranty with the both of them with one of them being within the 30 day process. When I wake up in the morning, I am headed to the phone store to be able to acheive my warranty for the both of them if not one because I cannot be without a phone.

Both of my phones cracked within the same month. I dropped the both of them on accident while trying to multi-task. This morning though, both of my phones stopped working with one glitching right now and the other one having a blank screen which all happened within the same hour. I didn’t cause anymore harm to the phones, But I believe that I was hacked because the fact that with a cracked screen the phone was working absolutely well and then out of the clear blue its start glitching, pressing apps that I didn’t press and causing my phone screen to go in and out. Into 15 minutes of the first phone acting like this then my second phone that I get and make calls on goes completely blank and don’t show the screen anymore. I became worried and sad but thank god for my roommate and my spritual guider because I would’ve went absolutely crazy and insane literally.

I called Marie into the room to ask for her guidance in handling the situation. I didn’t know that I had a warranty with my phone even though I don’t have insurance. So I am going to turn my phone in and don’t care if it’s cracked, I just want it fixed so I can recieve a working phone to make calls on. I have jobs that are calling me and I have to get employment because when you are broke, that isn’t fun and when you are broke and bored, thats just homicide. So these phones have to be fixed and thank god for a warranty.

Disclaimer: I don’t have a photo of neither phone and was trying to take it off my chromebook camera but that didn’t go well. But I have a Motorola and a One plus phone.

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