End to an Era, On to the Next.

So on September 29,2021 I quit my job. I worked for New York City Health and Hospitals for 10 months. Though it was a good run, the experience, knowledge and wisdom I gained working for this company happened but the experience wasn’t easy and very stressful and dangerous even.

Working in Covid-19 Hotel Isolation Program. Credit: instagram.com iamdreamnicole

Will I ever work for New York City Health and Hospitals again? Absolutely fucking NOT!!!!! Even though I gained alot of knowledge and Skills, The experience was NOT the greatest and when I look back on the experience, I am glad that I came and left.

From the jump I knew I needed to get paid. I have been working as a certified Nursing Assistant for 9 years that point and something had to give. I never passed up the chance to get paid for what I knew, I had no other choice because I wasn’t breaking even with the previous job in a Long Term Care setting. I seen job avertisments on Indeed and amdagencies were offering $23.00-$25.00 an hour for certififed nursing assistants to join the Covid-19 response team. I applied to an agency and got my credentials updated in a timely manner for me to be hired by the end of 2020. I got hired to work in the Covid-19 Isolation program. I worked in the program for seven months and it was a privilege. The program had its problems though being that it was ran by NYCHHC, but being that it was also ran by Test and Trace coporations it made the operations being ran smoothly on most days.

I ended up securing a contract with Henry J. Carter Specialty Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility. I worked with this facility for two in the half months. I worked in LTACH which is Long Term Acute Care and Health. Hospitals and Facilities that specialize in this area work with patients who are on Ventilation and have Tracheostomies and respiratory issues. The operation of this facility was unorganized as well as incompetent people at the top who refuse to not upgrade their systems due to cutting cost, which is something I don’t understand due to the fact that they recieve tax payer dollars and it’s a government organization. From working by myself with ventilation patients which by NY state law its actually two to dealing with short staffing and incompetent time keepers who cant approve hours because they dont know how to count timesheets, from being switched off floors in middle of shift, I had enough.

Working at NYCHHC Henry J. Carter Specialty Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility. Credit: instagram.com- iamdreamnicole

I quit and Now I secured another contract with another Health care system in New York City. This contract I feel is going to be okay due to the fact that it is Ranked Number One in New York. I can’t state specifics but what I can tell is that this contract was a long time coming due to the fact that I have been wanting to work with this company for years! I have experience receiving care from them in the past and it was exceptional and life changing. I know things aren’t perfect and things have changed since Covid-19. But I am confident that with my experience, skills and knowledge that I will bring value to the company. Also, The price went up as well.

I know that the price gouging is wrong, its happening in the healthcare field because the demand is high and the supply is low. Hospitals and other health Facilities are paying out alot of money if not more to have agency CNA’s to work for them. That is because they dont have to shell out benefits and union fees and other liabilities. They would rather pay thousands of dollars to agency and travel CNA’s than to pay and hire any staff and offer retention incentives. At the end of the day, its a business and even though it is a business; It works both ways.

This short time away from bedside is to focus on my creative projects such as this website, the writing and my podcast. I love creating and broadcasting Journalism & Chill The DreamCast. I also Love writing and bringing you all the stories about my life and working in the healthcare field as well as my social commentary on hot topics and my Comedy routines. So this is what you all came for right?

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