DCR Content: Journalism & Chill. The Podcast.

Ayyyeee…What’s Goodie Everyone. So I got some tea and it involves a new podcast By Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded

Journalism & Chill is now a Podcast. That is right. Journalism & Chill is podcast that will dwelve in the topics of Sex, Black Culture, Health and Relationships. I will also discuss a new chapter of my Written series Journalism & Chill.

Journalism & Chill will be premiering on YouTube and Patreon.

Because of the subject matter of the podcast, Journalism & Chill will premiere on Patreon with Snippets of it being on YouTube. The podcast is absolutely Uncensored with subject matter being very explicit and very mature. So mature audiences are allowed ONLY!

Journalism & Chill will premiere Nightly Tuesday’s Thursday’s Friday’s and Saturday’s On Patreon. To View and Listen to the podcast requires a subscription on Patreon for $5.00 a Month.

Here is the Link Below to subscribe. Also you can subscribe to The Dream Nicole Show to also watch snippets of Journalism & Chill.

Here is the Link below to access Journalism & Chill.


To find out what Journalism & Chill is EXACTLY, then head on over to Dream Nicole’s Instagram Page where you will find cards to scroll left on that will present you with facts of that Journaism & Chill.


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