DCR Promo: HUM Vitamins & Supplements are a MUST TRY. 🥗💊

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I got some very valuable tea and it’s all about SECURING YOUR HEALTH in 2021.

In 2020 the coronavirus pandemic hit us very hard and when we didn’t expect it. The coronavirus affected everyone from financial to healthcare.

In the health department over 500,000 people have died from covid-19 in the United States. A big contributing factor to this was poor and preventable health conditions. Alot of health conditions were already diagnosed before Covid-19 and we’re managed by prescription drug given by doctors. What alot of doctors don’t tell their patients is how most of these health conditions are preventable and how they could be prevented. Many of them don’t provide holistic approaches due to the FDA and lobbyist involvement.

I got an antidote. I found a Company that is focused on holistic health and women’s health. This company is called HUM™ and it’s a WOMAN OWNED company that specializes in nutritional health in vitamins and supplements. They have board certified nutritionist and Dieticians who have done clinical studies on their products and have every single vitamin and supplement geared towards a specific health attribute. From Bad skin to Unhealthy Lungs and Bad digestive issues, HUM got your back in addressing all these situations and building a health plan and providing vitamins and supplements geared towards those specific problem areas.

Here are my products. I have a membership with this company. Here is a picture and video of the products I purchased from this company.

Dream’s HUM™ Package.

I completed a quiz on the HUM website. It will ask you questions about your health and specific problem areas. After finishing the quiz, a Board Certified Dietician will find the best Vitamins and supplements based on your quiz. If you feel as though the products don’t match, you can always change them and find the best one to address your specific health issues. Once you sign up for a membership, You get a big discount with your purchase. You will also get a discount code to share with your friends.

Here is the link to the website to find out more information and After doing research and all… Do the quiz and look for a product that fits you.

#startwithin and take charge of your health.


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