DCR Editorial: From the desk of Dream Nicole.🗣️🎙️🖥️

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So Alot has been happening over here behind the scenes at Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™ and I am going to update you all on it.

So recently I have had a Mental and Emotional breakdown. It occurred on Friday January 29th and I was at my Nursing job when it occured. Needless to say after that moment, I have been putting my health first and foremost. There were triggers in which I will not allow to be triggers anymore. While being away from social media for two days I began to rebrand DCR.

We are a news and media online company. We work in the field of Journalism and Media with emphasis on Bringing News to the black culture and black audience with work in creating and promoting content and publishings in writing. So with all of that…here are some updates.

1. #dontkillthemessenger with Dream Nicole Podcast is officially Cancelled.

#dontkillthemessenger with Dream Nicole was a podcast that premiered as a spotify original series. With seven seasons and even at the height of the success, the podcast was very unorganized and the appeal wasn’t there. I decided to scrap the podcast and create something that is more organized and more Authentic and Real.

DCR presents: Dream’s Morning Show premiering Feb 5,2021 on all digital platforms.

2. Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™ presents ‘Dream’s Morning Show’ Premiering February 5,2021 at 10pm est.

Yep… That’s right. Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™ done cooked up something! We are premiering a brand New Show called Dream’s Morning Show which will be a Podcast and a Visual Talk show that will be discussing Hot Topics, Controversial conversations and Play some Tunes as well. The show will showing Four Days a week and most likely every other weekend. You can catch the show available on all digital platforms including YouTube. The show will be broadcasted with the help of Anchor.FM. Tune in On February 5,2021 at 10pm.

DCR’s original Publishing ‘Journalism and Chill’ Debuting February 8, 2021.

3. ‘Journalism & Chill’ series Will continue with a new Chapter debuting February 8,2021.

Our most popular Publishing Journalism & Chill will be back with all new Chapter’s and stories. We will continue the same formula: Erotic Noir. In these coming chapters we will explore the beauty and complex world of Black Sexuality and Bring awareness with entertaining and informal settings. Our writers will be black only and over the age of 25 years old due to the content nature of this project. New Chapter’s will be debuting Feb 8,2021.

And as usual, We will be pouring the tea with news articles very often. We will also be doing giveaways as well so stay tuned for that as well.

And here is a tweet to finish this off. And as always, Thank You to all my DreamGods for supporting me, this company and the Publication! You guys go so hard for me and DCR will deliver!

Follow Dream Nicole on Twitter: iamdreamiana 💕

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