DCR Crime:Authorities identify Anthony Warner as Nashville bomber, claims that his remains were found in the wreckage.☕☕☕

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I got some tea and it involves a bombing that happened in Nashville, Tennessee on Christmas day.

At 5:30am an explosion occured in downtown Nashville, Tennessee on Christmas day. The explosion occured at the at&t transmission building when an RV detonated sitting in front.

The officers heard a strange recorded warning, which started to play a 15 minute countdown, coming from the RV. Officers started knocking on doors, contacting dispatch to get access codes to buildings, clearing them floor by floor, warning residents who answered to gather family members and safely evacuate.

It is unknown whether the AT&T building was the intended target, experts on critical infrastructure said the Christmas morning episode makes clear that federal and local authorities and the private sector ought to find ways to reduce their vulnerability, either through moving key pieces to more fortified locations or building in redundancies.

Tennessee officials have called for federal support in the wake of the bombing. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R.TN.) said on Twitter that she had spoken with President Trump about the need for federal aid.

Anthony Quinn Warner was responsible for the Christmas morning explosion, officials said Sunday, and he was killed in the blast. Investigators matched human remains found at the scene with Warner’s DNA, confirming that he blew himself up in a recreational vehicle, according to Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director David Rausch told reporters. Law enforcement said they were still investigating a motive behind the incident.

Warner, who is 63, was unmarried and rarely ventured from his home, according to neighbors, living for years with his parents and then by himself. He once owned an alarm company, and he protected his home with an array of security cameras, rarely returning a neighborly wave and not responding to an offer of Christmas dinner, neighbors said in interviews.

Tennessee Govenir Bill Lee (R) asked Trump for federal assistance in response to the explosion, noting that the downed communication systems and damage to businesses were too much for the state to handle alone. Sens. Lamar Alexander (R.TN.) and Blackburn, along with Rep. Jim Cooper (D.TN.), wrote to Trump in support of Lee’s request.

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