DCR Celebrates: 2020, The Year that changed the world.

Written by : Dream Nicole

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I wanted to write this piece to reflect on the year that changed the world. And through reflection, Find inspiration, acceptance, motivation and hope.

This year didn’t just changed the world itself, but it changed the world as we know it. Over 50 million lives changed, this year was one for the books and no matter who wants to accept it, this year put many people in critical decision mode and exposed the vulnerabilities of human society.

The Coronavirus Pandemic.

Coronavirus Cells

We came into 2020 with introspections, many of us including myself thought that 2020 was going to be our best year. With new year resolution on the forefront and waking up feeling hopeful and going about our normal lives, there were things that went over our heads in the beginning. I live in New York City, when I went on the subways I saw people with mask on. This was in January by the way. I instantly thought, maybe these people are sick and don’t want to spread anything. But then it became common to see in February with more people wearing mask. I also got hired to work in a Nursing home in February and little after a week in the half, the in-service meetings about the Novel Coronavirus happened. From PPE gear sign offs to infection control, hand washing and emergency situation preparedness, these meetings were long, but important. Then I figured, something might happen, I see people wearing mask, now the in-services at work but then the stocks dropped two days before New York state shut down and called for a state of emergency. Putting those things together, that’s when I realized, something is gonna happen, something crazy and bad is gonna happen. Two days later, something bad did happen.

The Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a virus that originated in Wuhan, China attacks the respiratory system very rapidly, the coronavirus cell is unique due to the a certain protein in its DNA that makes the virus spread quickly and attack the lungs and other respiratory organs. This is an airborne virus and will spread from person to person in air particles in 6 feet range. This virus has killed over 300,000 people in United States since it’s reach in March, over 6 million positive cases and over 20 million people unemployed and over 2.5 trillion dollars in national debt with over 500 health care systems impacted. Yes, this virus changed 2020 without a doubt causing statewide shutdowns and job losses with increased stress to the healthcare system and a loss of the hospitality and restaurant industry as well as many others.

Police Brutality 2.0 and Racial Reckoning.

Protest supporting Black Lives Matter

This year, if the coronavirus wasn’t already messing things up, you got the police making matters absolutely worst. Yes, they have been going around and killing black people. With video recordings and other evidence that points to these situations and now the world isn’t safe. The people who we pay to protect and serve us are killing and un-serving us. I can point to literally three examples of police brutality.

Breonna Taylor and the Louisville Police Department– In late March of 2020 a black woman by the name.of Breonna Taylor was murdered by the Louisville Police department in Kentucky after conducting a no-knock warrant.

George Floyd and Minneapolis Police Department– A black man named George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis Police cop when the cop put his knee into Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. The murder was captured on video and was shared on social media as well as telivision News outlets.

Rayshard Brooks and the Atlanta Police Department– 2 police officers murdered a black man by the name of Rayshard Brooks after being called about a car blocking a drive through parking lot in which Brooks fell asleep in his car.

Now that is just a few of the situations, but there are more. And here’s another troubling fact, there have been 164 police brutality situations in the first 8 months of 2020. These situations set off a round of protest worldwide and forced politicians and people of power to address racial bias as well as shaping the political discord as we have known it.

The word Essential is defined-

A group of Nurses during the pandemic.

Essential worker is DCR’s word of the year along with other words. Essential is word defined as ‘immediate need- Necessary or important’. The term essential was more important of use due to the coronavirus pandemic. When the state shutdowns occured, the only people who were allowed to travel and work were Doctor’s, Nurse’s Healthcare Personnel, Grocery store workers, Delivery Drivers, Restaurants that deliver or give take out only, transportation operators. Yes… These occupations were deemed essential this year and still are essential.

Working from home.

Once the state’s shutdown orders began, business were forced to cease operations which led to them either closing or having employees work from their homes. For the first time in United States economic history, people could make money from home which wasn’t an option before. In order to work from home technology was absolutely essential with apps and computers and phones being used more heavily and often than ever before.

Technology becomes Essential.

With everyone having to be in their homes due to mandatory shutdowns, the only way for people to have something useful was technology. The internet became a necessity and essential to human life. How we interacted, how we coped, how we learned all happened directly because of the internet. Without the internet how would we survive? We used Zoom and FaceTime as well as Google Duo and other apps for video calling loved ones and friends. We used Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to start trends, connect, Keep away boredom.

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