DCR Originals: Journalism & Chill Chapter II . Gifts🤶🎅🎄🎁

All I want for Christmas is you. And you only.

I have everything I need, New space, new job, new money, new food. I have everything I need. But there is just one thing missing, and that is you.

Adrian is a guy I have been crushing over for 8 months now. He is an actor, Writer, director, comedian. Not your average 9 to 5 type of guy. He is caramel, 5″10, Might be 150-160 and has an afro with a heavy beard which I have a weakness for men with beards. Anyways, he is very talented in his craft and he is very funny which someone that could make me laugh is a turn on, on top of the fact that he is very intelligent and aware of himself and his influence is another turn on. Plus his voice, which is semi-deep and he articulates himself very well.

I have been wanting to sleep with Adrian for a year now. He don’t know me and I don’t know him. But I work on his show as a fill-in writer whenever someone calls out or don’t show up. I have been showing up to the job over 50 times, we have crossed eyes before and crossed paths even. But he doesn’t know me or even know how much of an interest I have in him. He doesn’t know that I want to suck every inch of his dick and he doesn’t know how bad I want to sit my pussy on it. I crave him very often, even on times that I shouldn’t even be thinking about it.

It twas the night before Christmas, I stayed over night to write a script for an episode that Adrian and some co-stars were going to film on the 27th of December. I was the only writer that stayed on the set which was good because it wasn’t hectic and no noise was around to disturb me. But what I didn’t realize was I wasn’t the only person who stayed over that night. Adrian stayed over as well. He was doing some prep for the episode and before he took his mini Christmas vacation, he wanted to put some last finishing touches on the set and other things. After finishing my script, I found him in his dressing room and I knocked on the door, he opened. We both said hello to each other and I said “well…Mr. Adrian, here you go. I finished the script so it’s ready for rehearsal and filming”. He said “thank you” and asked me “if I mind coming in and just sitting with him”, I told him “No… I don’t mind”.

I sat with Adrian and we just talked about random things, we talked about the show and we talked about working in the telivision industry and how weird it was all starting to become. He mentioned to me that he was single and have up hopes on trying to be in a relationship. But he also told me that “he was a heterosexual” and that he loves pussy, whenever he can get some which isn’t often he stressed. He was quiet and wasn’t your hype man, he was soft-spoken sometimes and very chill. Always looking like he is not interested in anything but to me, that look was sexy as fuck! As we are talking, he cracks open a bottle of whiskey and ask if I would like some. I told him no at first because I’m still on the clock and it isn’t professional to engage in something such as drinking on the job. He told me to clock out and come back to the dressing room.

I clocked out and came back to his dressing room. He was already on his third cup. He asked me again if I wanted a cup and I told him sure. Just two will work. He gave me a full cup which was called “Hibiki” a Japanese Whiskey. I drink one cup and I feel a little buzzed. I’m not a drinker so one or two cups usually gets me tipsy. He spills out some jokes and we talk about alot of things. But then the moment of truth happens. He ask me if he could kiss me, he let me know after asking that I can say no and apologize for even asking, he didn’t want to offend me. I told him yes he could and that no… I’m not offended. In my mind, if he knew what and how I felt about him, he would find me guilty of sexual harassment mentally. We kissed. It was a two minute tongue action packed passionate and sloppy kiss that led to everything else. After he kissed me, he asked me if I wanted to have some fun with him. I honestly told him, ” All I want for Christmas is you. And you only”. I told him that I have been sexually crushing over him for a year and that if he was down with whatever then so am I. He was actually surprised that I was down with fucking him. He didn’t know I liked him until I told him. He told me that he has been eyeing me for sometime and even wanted to shoot his shot with me.

We made out for another five minutes and then we both got naked. While undressing we are making out and conducting foreplay. He kissed my neck and made his way to my breast and sucked my nipples so hard and so good that without him touching my pussy, I was squirting. I knew that he was very sexual, but I never approached him like this before. While he is sucking my nipples I touch his dick and stroke it with my right hand. He was so big and so hard, I couldn’t wait to suck it.

Once the foreplay was done I proceeded to suck his dick. I made my way to the head and licked it first while licking the shaft in a 360 motion and finally putting all of his dick in my mouth and stroking it and deep throating it. After five minutes of doing that, he says to me, “Damn Baby… You make me feel so damn good.” And I told him, sucking your dick is the best Christmas gift I could ever have.

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