DCR Politics: Michigan certified the election results making Joe Biden the winner.☕☕☕

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I got some tea and it involves the state of Michigan and this 2020 presidential election.

Michigan’s statewide electoral board approved its presidential vote tally on Monday, resisting pressure from Trump to delay the process and paving the way for President elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. to receive the state’s 16 electoral votes.

According to the New York Times; The Michigan vote is one of the biggest setbacks yet for Trump because he had directly intervened in the state’s electoral process to voice support for Republican officials who had made false claims about the integrity of the vote, and invited Michigan G.O.P. legislative leaders to the White House on Friday. Those leaders said afterward that they would allow the normal certification process to play out.

The 3 to 0 vote came after several hours of comments from local clerks, elected officials and the public, most of whom said that the board’s legal role was only to certify the results of the election.

The former director of the State Bureau of Elections Chris Thomas and a special adviser to the city of Detroit for the 2020 election, said the board has no discretion to do anything but certify the election because the 83 county clerks had already canvassed the results. When asked by Mr. Norm Shinkle, the Republican member, if the board could adjourn without taking a vote, Mr. Thomas said there was no reason to leave without doing their job.

“You are the end game,” Mr. Thomas said. “You’ve got winners. You’ve got losers. You don’t have ties. Not everyone gets a trophy.”

The other Republican member on the canvassing board, Aaron Van Langevelde, was leaning toward certifying the results. He asked multiple times if the board had the legal authority to do anything other than certify the results. I’ve had a pretty good chance to look at the law. There is nothing in the law that gives me the authority to request an audit,” he included “I think the law is on my side here, we have no authority to request an audit or delay or block the certification.”

The certification is official and delivers Joe Biden a key battleground that Trump had took away from Democrats four years ago, and rebuffs the president’s legal and political efforts to overturn the results with false claims of voter fraud and long shot efforts to postpone certification.

One of the two Republican members by the name of Monica Palmer suggested that it certify the results without including the city of Detroit, where voters, many of them African American, gave Mr. Biden 94 percent of the vote.

After several hours of commentary from outraged voters who were watching the livestreamed meeting, the board came back, unanimously certified the results and, to satisfy Ms. Palmer and her Republican colleague, William Hartmann, asked for a comprehensive investigation of the results by Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

Ms. Palmer and Mr. Hartmann received a call from Mr. Trump after the meeting, and the next day reversed their decision and said they wanted to rescind their votes; they said they felt they were misled about whether an investigation would actually take place.

The pressure was intensified on Friday when Trump invited seven Michigan lawmakers to the White House, leading to the speculation that he would pressure them to try to delay certification. Afterward, the speaker of the State House, Lee Chatfield, from Levering in northern Michigan, and the State Senate majority leader, Mike Shirkey, from Clarklake in southern Michigan, said they had not seen anything that would change the results of the election and were committed to letting the normal process of certifying the election take its course.

That seemed to forestall the possibility of the state legislature stepping in and naming a new slate of electors who would favor Mr. Trump, a scenario Democrats feared and that the president openly encouraged in a Twitter post on Saturday night.

Leaders of the national and Michigan Republican committees, Ronna McDaniel and Laura Cox, sent a letter to the Board of Canvassers on Saturday, asking them to delay certifying the results until an audit of the results could be done

Ms. Benson said the state was planning to do a postelection audit, but under state law, it can’t begin until the election results are certified because the state can’t legally gain access to poll books and ballot boxes until that task is done. Such audits have taken place in 120 communities since Ms. Benson took office in 2019.

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