DCR Content: #Dontkillthemessenger with Dream Nicole season 6 episode 8-9.🎧🎙️😽💦🍆🌹

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I got some tea and it involves a podcast.

Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™ presents: #dontkillthemessenger with Dream Nicole season 6 and recently Two Episodes have premiered.

Episode 8 premiered November 9,2020 and the topic was “Cuffing Season”
A new episode premiered November 16,2020. The topic was ‘Black Sexuality’

These two episodes are a “Much Listen” because of the subject nature. This comes off the heels of a three part segment “Journalism and Chill, WAP and Grown People Shit” which became the most listened to episodes this season and still are causing much controversy surrounding the topic of sexuality.

Three part segment, Journalism and Chill, WAP and Grown People Shit became the highest rated, most listened to Episodes in the whole season.

So I decided to keep up with the topic of sexuality and debut these latest two episodes. They don’t disappoint and bring a much needed knowledge to the topic. Tune in Now.

#dontkillthemessenger with Dream Nicole is a PODCAST that is available on Google, Apple, Radio Public and Spotify. Click the Links Below.





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