DCR Politics: It’s Election Day!!!! November 3,2020. Here are all the developments.🇺🇲☕🇺🇲☕

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So here we are… It’s election day 2020. DCR will be covering all the events that are occuring today.

If you haven’t voted… Make sure you do. Find your polling place and make sure you have a legitimate reason to vote.

The map of swing states has expanded since the beginning of the year, with more states that Trump won in 2016 being seen as in the forefront. Florida is always on the list of swing states. And there are the three states Trump flipped in 2016, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Democrats hope to flip Arizona, and maybe North Carolina, and are eyeing Georgia and Texas, with growing, diverse suburbs that could put them in play.

35 seats are up for grabs in this year’s election, including two with special elections. Democrats need a net gain of three seats if Joe Biden wins the White House and four if he doesn’t to take control of the Chamber. But when we know who won the Senate could be delayed, as both races in Georgia, as well as the less competitive ones in Mississippi and Louisiana, could end up going to runoffs. Democrats see a wider map than they did at the beginning of the year, though still not an easy path to gain what they need. Republicans are defending almost twice as many seats as Democrats this year. And it could take days, even more than a week, for the final results in Alaska, Maine and Montana to be counted if the races there are close.

Since election day, Biden has 264 electoral votes and Donald Trump has 214. Here is the latest.

Electoral votes map.

Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden needs 17 more electoral votes to claim victory over President Trump. Arizona, Alaska, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada remain uncalled. In Arizona, Biden’s lead narrowed overnight, leaving the Republican incumbent with a small path to victory in the key battleground state. Meanwhile, Trump’s lead in Georgia shrank, opening the possibility that Biden could pull an upset there.

Arizona: Biden’s lead narrowed to about 68,000 votes early Thursday as Maricopa County, the state’s largest jurisdiction, released the tallies of more ballots it had counted. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said her state has just under 450,000 ballots left to count.

Georgia: Fulton County, where Atlanta is located, continued counting ballots overnight. Trump’s lead had narrowed to about 18,500 votes as of early Thursday. Fulton County elections chief Rick Barron said officials will release more vote totals around 11 a.m.

Nevada: Updated vote totals will be released around noon Eastern time on Thursday, officials said.

North Carolina: As of late Wednesday, officials were still counting provisional and absentee ballots. Trump was ahead, but officials said it is likely the winner will not be known for days.

Pennsylvania: Trump maintained a lead of about 164,000 votes, but that was expected to shrink as more ballots were counted in democratic districts.

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