DCR Content: #Dontkillthemessenger with Dream Nicole Season 6 Episode 7🎧💦🍆♂️♀️

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I got a new Episode alert!

#Dontkillthemessenger with Dream Nicole podcast premiered a new Episode last night. It was the part 3 and conclusion to the critically Acclaimed most viewed Journalism & Chill, WAP and Grown People Shit series.

The most viewed segment and critically Acclaimed Series Journalism & Chill, WAP, and Grown People Shit in 3 parts available on All Digital Platforms.

This series debuted on #dontkillthemessenger with Dream Nicole season 6 on October 3,2020 with 7.5k listeners which made it the first episode ever to hold that count. In a week the episode shot to 10.6k listeners. When part 2 premiered the series was already talked about in most circles and blogs. Now with all Three parts broadcasted and available online on all Digital streaming service, the Series became popular and widely listened to with now over 13.3k listeners!

This series was very controversial due to the subject matter. CEO and Chief Writer of Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™ Dream Nicole wanted to bring attention to Sex and provide education and speak on her own experience in a very honest and politically incorrect manner. She wanted to touch on pop culture standards of sex and the reality of sex itself, bring sex positivity, laughter, facts and stories along the way.

Along with the series, Dream Nicole bought surprises. Check them out by listening to the podcast.

Check out the most critically Acclaimed Series on #Dontkillthemessenger with Dream Nicole podcast available on all Digital Platforms. Link’s are below .







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