DCR Health: Trump and first lady Melania have tested positive for coronavirus.☕☕☕

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I got some very hot tea and it involves Trump and Coronavirus.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump tested positive for the coronavirus. Donald Trump tweeted his positive results and also tweeted that Melania also tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Trump was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday for a stay that was expected to last several days. It was a move the White House said was made out of an abundance of caution after he tested positive for the deadly coronavirus and experienced symptoms.

Trump was experiencing fatigue, and the first lady was coughing with a headache on Friday, the White House doctor said, describing the physical impacts of a White House coronavirus outbreak that has upended the nation’s capital and disrupted American politics one month before a presidential election.

Trump, who is 74 years old began taking a cocktail of drugs as a “precautionary measure,” according to doctor Sean Conley, who provided only limited information about Trump’s condition or the reasons for his extended stay at Walter Reed.

Trump remained out of sight and publicly silent much of the day, even suspending suspending all in person campaign events a sharp departure from his defiant approach in recent months when playing down the pandemic and boastfully flouting public health precautions became central components of his reelection bid.

Trump’s positive diagnosis and hospitalization sent shock wave through the nation’s capital Friday, with uncertainty, recrimination and the disease itself spreading from the West Wing to Congress and beyond.

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