DCR Breaking News: 1 officer charged with endangerment in Breonna Taylor case.🚨🚨🚨

Breaking News 🚨 Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™-Louisville, Kentucky.

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I got some tea and it involves the officers who murdered Breonna Taylor and the announcement of charges.

Breonna Taylor was an emergency paramedic who was murdered by Louisville police department.

A grand jury in Jefferson County, Kentucky, has indicted a former Louisville police detective on three charges of wanton endangerment in the first degree in the March 13 shooting that resulted in the death of 26 year old Breonna Taylor.

Brett Hankison, one of three officers involved, was fired by the department in June, with a termination letter saying he “wantonly and blindly” shot 10 times into Taylor’s apartment. He is accused of endangering lives in a neighboring unit after firing the rounds.

The grand jury did not announce indictments against the other officers involved in Taylor’s death. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R), facing the toughest moment yet in his fledgling political career, said he did not anticipate charges in the future.

Cameron said the state’s investigation determined the officers’ use of force was “justified” because they had been fired upon first, by Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend. Walker has sued Louisville police and disputed their version of events.

Cameron said the investigation uncovered one witness who heard the detectives identify themselves, disputing earlier reports that a “no-knock” warrant was being served. However, Taylor family attorneys have disputed this, and police were not wearing body cameras.

Breonna Taylor.

Legal experts said Hankison will probably seek to demonstrate that he did not act recklessly and may argue that, in fact, he was trying to save the lives of his colleagues. They acknowledged hurdles in bringing tougher charges.

Benjamin Crump, one of the attorneys for the family of Breonna Taylor, said the decision by a grand jury to not indict Louisville police officers in her death was the equivalent of killing her again.

“It’s just heartbreaking. It’s like killing Breonna all over again,” Crump told CNN’s Don Lemon, saying the family was “outraged” over the decision. “Legalized genocide of people of color, because no matter how much evidence we have, they always find a way to try to legally justify it.”

The Kentucky History Center, the state’s top law enforcement official was explaining why Breonna Taylor’s death was a tragedy, but not a crime and that Attorney General Daniel Cameron had reviewed the evidence. He had studied the law. He had come to a conclusion about how justice could best be served, and it didn’t involve prosecuting police officers for shooting to death the 26-year-old emergency room technician in her apartment after midnight on March 13.

The two officers at her door that night, Cameron said, were “justified” in using force to defend themselves after Taylor’s boyfriend fearing an intruder, not the police, was breaking into the apartment fired on them.

Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron announcing charges and speaking on Breonna Taylor death.

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