DCR Law & Race: Louisville to announce settlement with family of Breonna Taylor who was killed in police raid by the police department. ☕☕☕

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I got some tea and it involves the city of Louisville Kentucky and a settlement to one of the citizens murdered in the city by the police department.

Breonna Taylor.

The city of Louisville is going to announce on Tuesday that it has reached a settlement agreement with the family of Breonna Taylor, the 26 year old Black woman whose death during a police raid by the police department became a driving symbol of the American Uprising and black lives matter movement, an attorney for the family confirmed to The Washington Post.

Sam Aguiar, the attorney representing Breonna Taylor, said the details of the settlement will be unveiled this afternoon at a news conference. The settlement follows weeks of private talks between the two parties and will include a cash payout and sweeping police reforms.

Breonna Taylor was a Emergency Medical Technician with Dream’s of being a nurse.

“This is probably the largest settlement for police misconduct in the history of Louisville and includes substantial police reform, as well,” Aguiar said in an interview.

A spokeswoman for Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher (D) decline to mention whether the city had entered into an agreement. She said the city is trying to organize a news conference later today, but did not specify what news would be addressed.

Breonna Taylor with her relative.

The settlement will not impact the ongoing investigation by Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R) into into the officers who raided Taylor’s apartment should face criminal charges stemming from her death. The U.S. Justice Department is also investigating the case.

Aguiar declined additional comment on details of the settlement. He said Benjamin Crump a civil rights attorney who represents several families of people killed during police encounters, including Taylor and George Floyd is also expected to attend today’s news briefing.

Breonna Taylor was killed March 13, when plainclothes police officers carried out a “no knock” search warrant at her home shortly after midnight as part of a drug investigation. Taylor was asleep at the time.

Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, 27, who was also at the apartment, fired a shot with a gun he legally owned and later said he thought the officers were intruders. The officers shot back, and Taylor was struck five times.

Breonna Taylor With her boyfriend Kenneth Walker.

The officers said they identified themselves before forcing in the door to Taylor’s apartment with a battering ram, but Taylor’s family disputes that claim in the lawsuit. Police did not find drugs at the home.

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