Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded™ presents: Journalism & Chill. 💦💋🖋️

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. Welcome to Journalism & Chill. A collection of erotic short stories by the greatest writers. This is a look into the black sexual experiences.

Taste of Honey. 🍯 By Jalissa Kiona G.

“I need a swimming Suit. I’m not going to the beach and take the kids in just jeans and a long sleeve shirt. It’s too hot” Yvonne tells her husband as he ask if she will take their children to the beach. Carl; Yvonne’s husband tells her “I will give you money for a bathing suit. But your only taking the kids. I’m not there so please don’t get anything too skimpy” Yvonne promises “I won’t babe. Thanks” as she is grateful that she can get a bathing suit she needs.

Yvonne heads to downtown to pick up a bathing suit. She goes into a Joan’s boutique, a small women’s clothing store and she looks around. She finds a bathing suit which is a black, one piece and had long sleeves. After picking it up she heads home to get dressed and grab the kids so they can head to the beach. She packs up the children their bags with towels and sandals and a pair of underwear. She also packs a lunch bag filled with chips, juices and Sandwiches so her children can also eat while they are at the beach. As she packs all the bags in the trunk of her Chrysler Mini Van, her children jump in the van. She closes the door and gets in the driver seat to close the door and drive off to the beach. She arrives at the beach with her children and they enjoy the day.

After spending time with her children at the beach she head home. She enters her home and her husband is awaiting her arrival. The children run up to their father and greet him with hugs and kisses and of course they greet each other with hugs and kisses after.

The children are in bed after taking care of their hygiene and now Yvonne and Carl can spend some time together. Yvonne is a stay at home mother and Carl is a working father who works for a investment firm. He barely spends time with his wife. So tonight they finally have a chance to do so. They watch telivision and Carl admits to Yvonne that he just want to make love to her. He wants a taste of her honey. She kisses him and grabs his hand. She guides him to the kitchen and they passionately kiss. He proceeds to take off her shirt and kiss her from neck to breast to her navel.

He then proceeds to kiss her clit softly. He kicks the putter labia working his way to the inner labia very softly. She is looking down upon him making love to her pussy by mouth. He then licks her clitoris very softly with six strokes and then he licks the outer vagina with three strokes and insert his middle fingers inside feeling her warm and wet canal. As he is stroking her with his finger he proceeds to stoke her clit with his tongue just a bit aggressively. She is moaning very softly but not loud enough for the children to hear or be awaken by.

She clenches her pelvic bone and tightens her thighs together while her husband’s face is in between them. He continues to finger her pussy and he licks her clit until she screams in ecstasy, squirting her juices all over her husband’s face. He looks up at her and smile and says “You Taste Just Like Honey”.

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