DCR Angels: Regis Philbin from Regis and Kelly passed away Saturday at the age of 88.☕☕☕

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I got some sad news to report.

Regis Philbin from the television show Regis and Kelly and ‘Who wants to be a millionaire passed away on Saturday at the age of 88

The family confirmed the death in a statement released by a personal representative, Lewis Kay.

Philbin became one of the most seasoned performers on live television. He was an actor, a singer and nightclub comedian before emerging to greater prominence in the late 1960s as second-banana to entertainer Joey Bishop on an ABC late night talk show that tried to challenge Johnny Carson’s ratings dominance on NBC. According to Guinness World Records, Mr. Philbin spent more hours on U.S. television with 16,000 hours, that’s more than anyone else in history.

Mr. Philbin spent years hosting a morning show in Los Angeles before he returned to his native New York in 1983 to take over a failing morning show on the local ABC-TV outlet in New York. He had two short lived female co hosts before teaming with Kathie Lee Gifford in 1985.

He teamed with a new partner, former soap opera actress Kelly Ripa, in 2001, and their show “Live! With Regis and Kelly” aired for a decade.

Mr. Philbin also began hosting the ABC prime time show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” whose format was borrowed from a game show that had aired successfully in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Philbin’s first marriage, to Catherine Faylen, ended in divorce. In 1970, he married Senese, who had been Bishop’s secretary. In addition to his wife, survivors include a daughter from his first marriage; and two daughters from his second marriage, Joanna and Jennifer. His son died in 2014.

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