DCR Politics: Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen goes back to prison after being released due to Covid-19.☕☕☕

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I have some tea and it involves Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen and Prison time.

Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, was taken back into federal custody Thursday over a dispute on the conditions of his home confinement, according to the Bureau of Prisons and two of Cohen’s legal advisers.

This move happened less than two months after Cohen was released out of federal prison early as part of the Justice Department’s push to stem the spread of the coronavirus among inmates. The president’s former self proclaimed “fixer,” who would later become a Trump adversary, was serving a three year term for financial crimes and lying to Congress.

Last week, Cohen was photographed by the New York Post eating outside the French restaurant Le Bilboquet, developing some speculation that he was violating the terms of his release. The Bureau of Prisons statement did not address that.

There was a memo from a residential reentry manager in New York to the U.S. Marshals alleged that Cohen ‘failed to agree to the terms of Federal Location Monitoring,’ though it did not specify which terms, and asked that he be taken to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. In statements, the Bureau of Prisons similarly alleged Cohen had “refused the conditions of his home confinement” but did not specify which ones.

According to the Washington Post; Lanny Davis, Michael Cohen’s lawyer said that Cohen initially balked at agreeing to a Bureau of Prisons requirement that he not talk to reporters, not use social media and not write a book while on home confinement.

The Washington Post also obtained documents that shows that Michael Cohen was absolutely not allowed to post on social media or engage with the media, press, Television and other things. Also he didn’t wear an ankle monitoring bracelet even though the terms were for him to wear one.

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