Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. 🇺🇲

Ayyyeee…What’s Goodie Everyone. So as The CEO, Chief Writer and Editor of Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™ I have something that I want to address, put a stamp on it and Send it out. 🔊✉️📨

So Right now we are in a midst of a pandemic and an uprising in this country and it won’t take away the fact that I am still black. I have bills and responsibilities. All three I will protect. All threeI am proud of and all four is a responsibility.

I am a 29 year old Certified Nursing Assistant, Writer, Podcaster, Artist, black woman. I don’t brag much about but I say this with pristige and honor and sass. I am proud because I beat the statistic for what was expected of me and where I come from. You might not know me. I’m not famous, But I’m popping and I’m talented as F!. 🤷💯

One thing that is my strength and weakness is being nosey. Yep. I am always in someone’s business and I’m always know something about a person and I love to gather Intel about people, places and things. Yeah, I love gossip. I love watercoolers and I love putting people on to what I know. But I also minds my business until it is no longer my business to give a F!.

The fact that I have a platform to RUN IT. Talk about people and the dumb stuff they do; like how those dumb stuff affects over a million people or even thousands of people is what I’m good at. I live for reading people their rights and I live for starting something, I live for change and I don’t settle.

I am NOT a know it all. I am a STUDENT with many skills that I have mastered and still is learning to master. So I am curious and my curiosity runs away with me but it also leads me to things that are new and some I have to come back to.

So on to speak. My curiosity led me to THIS. Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™.

Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™ is a News and Media Company. I Love to pour the tea. Tea is my favorite herbal drink by the way. No parentheses either. I pours the tea and be like “Ooohhh… So Guess what!” Hmmmm. Yup and I say with so much flavor. But then before that I say, “Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie.” Then I starts talking bout some shit. And then yeah, I follow it up with facts and then people be like “damn Yo… I didn’t even know that or damn… You right and then what else happened or… What should we do?”

So this is what this is. I’m pouring the tea and All you are welcome to sip with me. And For those who don’t want to sip with me… Well that’s too bad. I am made for everyone. But for those that want to. Welcome.

Welcome to Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded. The Tea is always Hot and Pouring and Journalism at it’s Finest. #dontkillthemessenger. I emphasize the Hashtag because What ‘ya not goin do is kill me. I’m just the messenger and I bring the news. I will have opinions on the news but that’s another story. Just know I brings the news and I will find out if things don’t add up! I don’t say that lightly. The public will know. My black people will know. I will write about it. My hand game is legit and my fingers are lethal. Those who are in power, got Money, making the influences better be on their best behavior, cause if not… There is always someone who will find out and Tell it. What comes after that… Well I have no control over that. 🤷🤷🤷

This Publication is ONLINE. And we are WORLDWIDE! The only Black Publication on the planet that is available for public view. Everything that is written on Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™ is 100% Real and Verified! All my sources is REAL and all my sources is VERIFIED and citated!

The best thing about this is This Company is FRESH and NEW. This is GROUNDBREAKING because most female Writers fall under pressure to report news for other interest and it’s on the media with people controlling the airwaves. They are controlling the strings. It’s not original. It’s inflated. This is where media fails people. This is what makes journalism fail people. When people have no honesty and no integrity in their reporting or content they put out. On Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™ all content is put out By ME. Dream Nicole. No body else but DREAM NICOLE. If it didn’t come from me… Then it don’t matter. 💯💯💯

So… As a Journalist, As a writer, I will always be honest and have integrity. How I do things will be dictated by me with no one pulling the strings and dictating the airwaves on this platform. I will call out and address people in power, influence, and money who ain’t behaving right. I will always give back to the community and I will always provide resources that will bring healthy and positive change to my Black people and community. I am for the culture and Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded is the CULTURE. 🇬🇳

Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded is BLACKOWNED. Just a Black Woman bringing you all the delicious TEA and serving it Hot! I don’t support anyone who doesn’t serve MY interest and The interest of MY people. I love being Black and I embrace it cause I am BLACK and I don’t know nothing else outside of that. My love run deep for my people. I represent the Black women and the BLACK MEN. This tea is for ya. It’s deserved.

And so I say… It’s an honor and a privilege to bring to you DREAM’S CHRONICLES RELOADED.

Editors Note: When I said that this Blog is everywhere… I do mean we are everywhere. We are on social media! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and we are also on every single Digital Platform. I have a Podcast that is available. It’s called #dontkillthemessenger with Dream Nicole. Check it out right now cause it’s available!

More about The CEO, Chief Writer and Editor.

Dream Nicole is a African American Woman who is a Healthcare Professional, Writer, Journalist and Podcaster from New York.

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