Morning Wake-Up🌥️📰🎥🥞🍳☕

Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded- NY- 8:30 am.- Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So Welcome to Morning wakeup bringing you some newsworthy content in the A.M. So wake up with Dream and enjoy your breakfast with a side of some Videos here. ☕

So here is a man by the name of Dixon D. White who talks about the history of white Supremacy, and why Black Lives Actually Matter. Instagram: @dixeywhitey
Here is a video of one of George Floyd’s Killer’s by the name of J. Alexander Keung who was a former police officer out on bail shopping for Oreos when a woman approached him and confronted him. Instagram: @tariqlite
A group of white police officer crying about how they cannot do their jobs in the wake of the protest in reaction to the murder of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks. Instagram:@tariqlite
Here we have a ‘Karen’ who harrased and followed a black man then after he found her he confronted the woman while recording it and the woman throws a tantrum and calls the police to make a false report on a man. Instagram:@tariqlite
And last but not least Rayshard Brooks funeral arrives at Ebenezer Church in Atlanta for his funeral. He will be laid to rest Tuesday. R.I.P Rayshard Brooks. Instagram:@hollywoodunlocked

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