DCR Politics: Trump is angry over the size of Rally in Oklahoma and now there could potentially be problems in campaign.☕☕☕

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I got some tea and it has to do with the anger Donald Trump is having after the turnout of his rally didn’t have the biggest crowd he promised plus there could be problems with his campaign.

Empty seats at a Tulsa, Oklahoma arena on Saturday set off a furious round of finger pointing and recriminations around President Trump’s campaign that continued through Monday, amplifying the president and his team’s struggle to find their footing amid national and political crises.

Trump is angry about his campaign manager Brad Parscale over the half empty arena, campaign officials are engaged in whisper campaigns against their colleagues, and some Trump allies are calling for a dramatic reorganization of the reelection machine, according to several current and former administration and campaign officials.

According to The Washington Post; on Monday, the campaign announced that two additional staff members tested positive for the novel coronavirus after attending the Tulsa rally. Six members of the campaign advance team tested positive before the rally.

Less than five months before Trump faces voters, Tulsa serves as a huge point for a campaign that increasingly appears to be in crisis. Trump is far behind in the polls and struggling to find a clear and effective message against Democratic rival Joe Biden, Trump has turned a skeptical eye on his own campaign raising the prospect of the kind of reshuffling that took place in 2016 after bouts of infighting, chaos and negative headlines.

The White House and Trump campaign declared publicly that the rally was a success and denied claims that Trump who has long fixated on crowd size was upset about the crowd of 6,200 at the 19,000 seat arena in Tulsa. Before the event, Trump said he expected tens of thousands of supporters to be there.

Tim Murtaugh released statements on Saturday and Monday confirming coronavirus cases among campaign staff in Tulsa, said Trump’s crowd dwarfed the typical Biden gathering.

“This is an enormous audience that Joe Biden couldn’t even begin to dream of from his basement, and we are eager to continue to highlight the enthusiasm gap, which is real and wide,” he said.

Trump’s reelection team and other allies have already begun thinking of how to reboot the traditional campaign rally to avoid a repeat of the Tulsa outing, after a promised crowd of tens of thousands never showed up and a second stage built for the president to address an overflow crowd had to be quickly dismantled.

Some campaign officials are pushing for future rallies to take place outdoors, possibly returning to the kind of airplane hangar events Trump held in 2016. Huge indoor arenas are unlikely to be used as often as Trump has in the past, though the president prefers them to hangars or smaller sites, according to a Republican operative in frequent touch with the White House who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

Donald Trump, who is completely fixated on news coverage, has complained that moving his rallies to smaller venues would lead to negative attacks questioning his level of support and that airport hangars lack the energy of a raucous indoor rally, this person said.

A debate over rally sites is indicative of a broader rift between Trump and his campaign, officials said.

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