The Defining Decade. Interview of CEO and Chief Writer and Editor Dream Nicole.

Ayyyeee…What’s Goodie Everyone. So I wanted to celebrate my birthday this year. I am Now 29 years old and this editorial is about how my 20’s define me in this piece called ‘The Defining Decade’ . I had the pleasure of having one of my good friends April Shanee to interview me and ask me very important, funny and realistic questions. This is for the audience and supporters who have supported me forever to know who you are supporting. 🎂🧁🎉🥳💃

Written by April Shanee and edited by Dream Nicole.

AS: So I know it’s your birthday and your now 29 what does it mean to be 29 to you?

DN: it means that I have survived the most difficult decade of my life. I made it to this number and I am grateful because there were times where I was close to not making it. So this is a proud moment for me.

AS: What has changed since you were 20 years old?

DN: Alot. At 20 I was a college drop out, I was homeless, I was on drugs, I was on the streets doing crazy ass street shit. I was an absolute MESS. At 29, I’m a Certified Nursing Assistant and I’m a Wife, I’m also a journalist with a news and Media Company, I am a homebody person and I’m much more introverted than I was then. I’m also working very hard to be more grounded and I’m working hard to acheive what I feel I deserve. So yes alot has changed.

(Circa 2019 Midtown Manhattan.)

AS: What hasn’t changed since age 20?

DN: The Fact that I still drink coffee and that I try to be lit as much as I can. The fact that I still Dream. Yeah that has always stayed.

AS: What is your greatest moment?

DN: I have alot of great moments, From Graduating high school to Developing my blog and moving to New York. Those are my proud moments.

(Circa 2013. NY Fashion Week)

AS: What are you worst moments?

DN: I have alot of those too. From being fired from a job in 2019 to Being locked up in 2019 and there are more. But those are the two I will mention being my worst.

AS: Why did you decide to become a journalist?

DN: My love for writing and politics led me to journalism. I became curious in how governments are formed and the politics and decisions behind them and writing stories.

AS: You are also an recording artist. It’s been two years since the release of Nor’Easter and Princess Blue x Blue Dream and you have released singles after that. Do you plan on releasing an album soon?

DN: Well I have no plans on releasing any music soon. I just released A project in April called Club Quarantine. That was beats and instrumentals I created and then I dropped a song called Blue Faces in May. At this moment my energy and focus is not in music. So right now… I have no plans on releasing or creating any more music.


(Top pic- Circa 2019 145 street Station ) Bottom Picture (Circa 2013- Albany NY, Album Blue Dream x Princess Blue Released June 16,2018)

AS: So I’m sure you have been paying attention to what’s going on in our nation as far as racial injustice and police brutality. I’m sure you saw the video of George Floyd being murdered by police and I’m sure you know about other stories about the police conduct on black people. How are you feeling now about the events that have played out?

DN: Honestly I feel betrayed by our government and I feel very hurt about the murder of George Floyd and I’m angry about the police brutality. I’m also pissed about about the racial injustice and Grand larceny that continues to happen to black people in the hands of our government. The streets are talking and the people out here protesting are not playing with politicians and people in the system doing these things to us. I support them. I support the protestors and my deepest condolences go out to George Floyd’s family and many other ones that have been affected by murders committed by law enforcement.

(Circa May 2020 Harlem NY)

AS: Do Black Lives Matter?

DN: Absolutely black lives matter and there is nothing else to add or discuss. And that’s on period.

AS: What kinds of change would you like to be apart of ?

DN: I want to change my life circumstances and many lives in the black community. I want to be apart of a revolution that where black people can actually be free and not just physically, but mentally and financially, spiritually and emotionally. I mean I want to bring the truth of the press to people so they can have the information to make informed choices, I want to change the system in which we live and that is also why Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™ was created. This is why I am a journalist.

AS: On your Instagram your not afraid to address controversial topics. Just recently you have been an commenter on The Shade Room, you comment under news stories and you speak your mind. You recently commented under the news stories about rapper Tekashi 69. Why do you comment under the stories about him?

DN: Because I am a troll. He is a troll. Sometimes to reach someone online is to troll. This young man did time in federal custody on attempted murder and Rico charges and he snitched out everyone he was involved with and destroyed families and lives in the process who were black men by the way; and yet this man has millions of followers and this man hasn’t been cancelled. He continues to make music and people continuously give this man a platform knowing that he isn’t the greatest person on earth or deserving of a huge platform is beyond me. So I comment to remind people that he needs to be cancelled because in hip hop… Snitching is an absolute NO-NO and back then… Consequences were dished out for that. He continues to mock black culture and is utterly disrespectful. So yeah… I will continue to troll until I see he is cancelled.

AS: So there has been an pandemic caused by a Novel Coronavirus. How has this pandemic impacted you?

DN: Well it’s been a bit of a time hasn’t it. Yeah it has impacted me. I have seen rapid changes in the healthcare system as well as other industries. Things have closed and so it has made activities of daily living difficult. For me I work in the healthcare field as well and it had took its toll. Still is kind of. I find shopping difficult as hell but the challenge is staying healthy which I have been taking very drastic measures to keep myself safe from the virus; such as constant hand washing and constant body showering and self care the f—king max! And of course watching what I eat such as eating keto and stuff. So I just can’t wait til it’s over.

AS: So I want you to be perfectly honest, how important is mental health to you? And how could people benefit off of mental health resources?

DN: Mental health is absolutely important, especially during these times, and as black people in America…we have to get our mental health in check and understand that we live in a country, in a system that is not meant for us to thrive in so when we check out and tune in for aleast five minutes rather that be therapy, Meditation, prayer or reading even can do wonders for the mind. I love to meditate and speak to a therapist because Lord knows I need it. It keeps me from snatching necks( laughing). In order to make since of the fuck up things we have to check in with our mental.

AS: You have created Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™ from the ground up. This took many years in the making. You also reinvented the blog so many times. What did you do this time to make it the fastest growing news and Media Blog?

DN: After so many reinventions of how to do this blog… I finally came to my senses that I need to stick to something that works. What works is people love to talk about politics. People love to sit around the table at breakfast, lunch or dinner and discuss water-cooler topics such as POLITICS. And even though politics sometimes don’t make the best side dish… Still people love to talk about it. As an expert analyst in politics and an expert writer I figure I needed to stick to something that works. Writing about the current events and what is going on in our world and government with integrity and dignity matters! It works and that is something Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™ prides itself on. This blog is my baby and I don’t even like to call it a blog sometimes because we don’t do things most blogs do. We’re not partial in our reporting and we don’t report on shit that don’t matter.

AS: This decade definitely defined you. It shaped you from the core up! Do you feel as though there are still things you need to accomplish? Do you feel completely satisfied where you are at in life?

DN: Truthfully, this decade has defined me. I will never settle for anything that doesn’t make me happy. And honestly I cannot settle for anything that I don’t see value in. I still feel as though there is something that I need to accomplish, I don’t feel completely satisfied and I will never feel completely satisfied because I will always feel as though I need something new. That’s just who I am. Once I feel as though I accomplished everything I feel I set out to conquest then yes, I will settle. But until then… I’m always going to come for what I feel I deserve and may I make a side suggestion?

AS: Yes you may.

DN: And for those who may read this and feel some type of way… Welp… Find a d–k and Suck on it. Cause I gives 0 f–ks about how anyone who critiques feel.

AS: So this Editorial will be released on Juneteenth. Are you excited about Juneteenth and what does it mean to you?

DN: I am absolutely excited about this Editorial being released on Juneteenth. Juneteenth is absolutely important if not the most important celebration because on June 19,1865 slavery is abolished in America. The last slaves were freed. That is important and I want to make a note of how important black people are to American society. We added flavor and innovations to almost 100% of the society as well as the streets and neighborhoods we have build. This day is important because This is OUR independence day! And here at Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™ we celebrate this day as a holiday and the official one. The fact that in the United States in 2020 we have to fight to make this day a nationally recognize holiday is something that I am willing to be apart of but we shouldn’t be at this point. But until white Supremacy is abolished… I will continue to bring awareness and discussion to black issues.

AS: You talk about financial literacy and freedom on this blog and you stress the importance of why we need to have these implemented in our lives. Why is it important to you why we need to have financial literacy and freedom? I just want you to explain it to those who haven’t read any of your Editorials on this and are new to this blog.

DN: I talk about financial literacy and freedom very heavy and I talk about it because as black people we have been disporotionally affected by the economic system in this country as well as other things. The African American economy holds 12 trillion dollars worth of capital every single year collectively. Sadly we only own 4% of businesses in America. That needs to change. We need to invest in our own change and develop a system where we can benefit. I discuss this topic very heavily and as a Blog that is seen by thousands of people daily, I pride myself on being able to use my platform to help bring value to other black owned businesses by using promotional deals to advertise and bring customers to these businesses, as well as educating people about how to be financially literate and free. It’s time for black people to give back to ourselves and community.

AS: I want to end this interview on a very great note. What does it mean to be black to you and how has your experiences shaped you and what will you be looking forward to next in your 30’s?

DN: Well, Being Black to me means being authentically you. Working extra hard and dealing with extra adversities and Fighting extra hard not for self, but for family and community. To be honest in how you speak, think and feel and to have all the sauce and rhythm. Black means being beautiful, Black Means Strong, Black means GOD. I have dealt with racism, sexism, Classism, Violence and I’m still healing, still alive and still kicking. Being Black isn’t easy at all… But that I cannot change and I’m fine with it all. When I turn 30. I don’t want to have no extra stress… I will kick more assholes out of my life if need to be to reduce stress and I will conquer what I am set out to get. And hopefully but much more happier.

AS: Why did you decide to name this piece “The Defining Decade”?

DN: I named this piece after a book I read six years ago. The Book was called “The Defining Decade” By Meg Jay PhD. My younger sister Brittany had this book and I hope she still does. During 2015 I was really going through a tough time. I travelled back to Pittsburgh during April-June of 2015 and I read the entire book and I still read some excerpts from the book today. This book taught me everything and help me navigate and survive my 20’s so I decided to name this editorial ‘The Defining Decade’ to show appreciation for everything I have accomplished this far and that my 20’s defined me and will define me for years to come.

AS: And thank you for allowing me to interview you for this editorial. We have been good friends for years supporting each other and you have supported me when I was becoming a fellow journalist five years ago. I want to thank you for that and until next time… STAY DREAMING.☁️

Editorial Note. This was done in celebration of my birthday. In five days things have changed alot. I am absolutely glad that I have build a platform that will make a difference in people’s lives. Thank you to all my DreamGods☁️ for supporting me through ALL of my endeavors and I want to give a shout-out to WordPress for allowing me to have a platform to premiere this blog on and for being there for me in every step of developing this blog. I want to give a shout-out to my husband Mellow for being the wierdo in my life and for giving me a sense of purpose and for being my biggest fan even when you didn’t see any point of it sometimes. And I want to thank my family, for developing me and shaping me for this tough ass world. And I want to thank New York City and every one that has ever employed me. This city shaped me and build me and I love being here and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

As always…Keep Dreaming.

Enjoy Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™

Yours Truly,

Dream Nicole.

CEO and Chief Writer and Editor.

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