Midday Content. 6-3-2020🌥️☕🎥📷

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. Happy Hump Day and it is time for midday Content. Yeah I’m posting videos of whatever DREAM wants to have on here. 🤷😊💯

Amanda Seales revealed that she will not be on the television show The Real . @hollywoodunlocked

Tory Lanez and Shekena Jo was arguing on live about the protesting in Atlanta. @RealityEntertainmentTV

Protest going on in Palestine in support of George Floyd. @HollywoodUnlocked

Protest in Paris, France in support of George Floyd. @HollywoodUnlocked

These protestors from Houston, Texas showed up on Horses!!! @theshaderoom

Radio host Kimberly and Becky from iHeartRadio’s Rochester, NY station was talking about race relations and decided to throw the “N” word around. They got fired from the station. @anjemiami

Angelina gets wedding gifts from her roommate on the Television Show The Jersey Shore. @mtv

The Late George Floyd and his Daughter Gianna. She lets the world her “Daddy change the world”R.I.P🥀 @HollywoodUnlocked

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