DCR Help and Community: Here is how you can help the Black Lives Matter Movement and the protestors + other resources. 🇬🇳🇺🇲✔️

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So right now in America, we are dealing with two big crisis right now. In order to overcome what has happen it is also important to support our communities and Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded is dedicating to helping the black community through journalism. But also we want to help bring some information about way YOU can help play a part in bringing communities together. Here are some resources.

Donate to bail and legal funds:
The Brooklyn Community Bail Fund and Free Them All for Public Health, have been two large funds taking donations in New York.

The Bail Project

Black Visions Collective

These local mutual aid funds, provide food and resource distribution for communities of color, immigrant and working class.

NYC Black Mutual Aid

Astoria Mutual Aid Network

Bed-Stuy Strong

Crown Heights Aid

Flatbush United

South Brooklyn Mutual Aid

And if you want to protest here is some information that can help you join in a protest.


And if you want to help protestors click here.

The group is called Nourish NYC which has been putting together upwards of 400 food and supply kits a day, doing water drops, and has sent over $5,000 in direct cash assistance to protestors lacking funds for safe transportation home and bail. So far, Nourish NYC has raised over $20,000.

And you can fill out a form to volunteer. Click here.


And here is the Black Lives Matter website where you can also find resources to help and give back during this time.


And here at Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded we are also doing our part by continuing to report on stories that are affecting the black community. For every view on this page will contribute to donations of THREE organization geared to education and providing assistance to African Americans.

Editors Note: As a Journalist I am deeply affected by the events that have continued to play out during this time. As if we aren’t been disproportionately affected by the Coronavirus and now we’re affected by police brutality and the betrayal of our public servants in America, right now the black community is absolutely struggling and for people to continuously downgrade us and commit murder and genocide towards us is absolutely unacceptable. I, A Black Woman and someone who is married to a black man, I am scared and very worried. I worry about the safety of my family. I feel the pain that George Floyd’s family is feeling and my deepest sympathies and condolences are with George Floyd’s family.

I am a proud journalist and I will continue to bring the truth and talk about issues that affects MY community, the black community through this blog and through my journalism. That is my commitment.

Journalism will continue at its finest.

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