DCR Content: The craziest sh!t this week. 5-14-2020.

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So This week even as we are facing a pandemic and most of us are in quarantine and social distancing, it still doesn’t stop people from having decency or from being crazy and we got the videos to show it. Welcome to The Craziest sh!t this week.

Let’s start off with a video making its way around social media. This is a woman who fought Red Lobster employees because she waited too long to pick up a meal she ordered and she also disobeyed social distancing orders. This happened in York, PA.

Rapper Tekashi 69 was released from prison after spending Two years in federal detention for crimes of attempted murder, extortion, money laundering and other things, he was facing 47 years to life and he cooperated with the federal government and implicated his former managers, bodyguards and his former gang the 9 treyway bloods in crimes they were indicted on. This weekend he released a new song called GOOBA and he went on Instagram live to explain himself. He explains why he “Snitched” on his former crew. Courtesy of the @TheShadeRoom

A group of San Jose goats broke out from a farm after being stuck in Quarantine and took over the neighborhood. Courtesy of @abc7la

A group of Protesters decided to gather outside of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s home asking to reopen the city.

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