The Impact of COVID-19 in Dream’s World.

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. So I wanted to write an article about how The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has impacted me personally.

It’s not about the economy, or how financially impacted I am, it’s about the circumstances in which I have to deal with, the deaths of people who were my family members, my job, my household. Yeah the Coronavirus has impacted my life in ways I didn’t expect.

Recently I lost two family members from Covid-19 and it’s breaks my heart but scares me at the same time. They were not older adults but one was very young and one was in middle age. When I found out about the deaths I was heartbroken and still is heartbroken, especially since I found out yesterday and today about the deaths. These people were instrumental in my life and we’re very close. I will not give away the identities of the people. But just know they were family and I loved them very much. They would still be alive if the virus didn’t exist so I feel.

I’m scared because I work in the healthcare field. I work at a nursing home and we have been getting Covid-19 patients. So yes I have been exposed. But I do everything I can to keep myself protected by wearing extra amounts of PPE Equipment and I wear Mask no matter what. I wash my hands every second after I touch something and I sanitize very often. I clean my scrubs often and my shoes. When I come home from work I strip off my clothes right away at the door and I shower right after. But I’m starting to think is it enough. I don’t want to die and I don’t want my family(husband) to be exposed and catch it and die. I take this very seriously and weighing the options of quitting my job and just staying home and focusing on my other side hustles or obtaining more side hustles or should I just stay at my job. I reduced my days at my job from 3 to 5 days to Exactly 2 days a week.

I purchase mask and gloves. I buy disinfectants and hand soap along with hand sanitizer. I bought multivitamins and I bought teas and cough drops, when I grocery shop I buy fruits and vegetables along with meats and cheeses because I am on a Ketogenic way of eating. I rest as much as I can and I don’t go outside unless I absolutely have to(job, grocery store).

My anxiety has kicked up a few notches since the virus hit the United States. I live in New York City, the hardest hit city with the Covid-19 in the United States and it’s considered an epicenter. More people are infected with the Covid-19 here in this city and I have seen the effects of which this virus can do to people. It’s a scary and frightening situation. I’m doing everything I can to keep myself safe and healthy as possible.

But let me be honest here. To simply put it, The healthcare industry was absolutely NOT prepared to deal with this virus. Nurses and other personnel are on the front lines helping to fight this virus and flatten the curve. But it is extremely difficult. Especially when you have facility administrators who don’t want to pay top dollar for PPE Equipment, who don’t want to pay staff top dollar for coverage and hazard pay, when you are being fired for bringing up issues that are affecting your workplace and when you are speaking up for your patients and when these facilities don’t have the proper techniques to help fight this virus, yeah it’s not easy to deal with and that’s when a decision has to be made rather if your life matters more than others to put yourself at risk.

I face these decisions every single day. It’s hard. And understand since the deaths of my two family members from this virus, I’m not sitting well with this. I am grieving. I’m sad and I feel out of place.

And so I pray to God. I keep doing the things I have been doing to keep myself safe and my family safe.

But is that enough?

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