No Justice, No Peace. The Murder of Ahmaud Aubery.

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. So I wanted to write this piece and dedicate it to Ahmaud Aubery.

Ahmaud Aubery was Murdered in Georgia on February 23,2020. He was Murdered by two WHITE men and it was all recorded on camera. Ahmaud Aubery was a black man who lived in Satilla Shores outside of Brunswick who decided to go for a jog that day. Little did he know that he was going to be Murdered by two men who were absolutely RACIST.

Ahmaud Aubery case came to light as of recently due to footage of him being murdered broadcast on social media. The two men who murdered him weren’t bought to Justice so they are living free to do whatever they want. I wonder who is the next black target they are planning?
A graphic video of the shooting surfaced on Tuesday. Taken from inside a vehicle, it shows Mr. Arbery running along a shaded two lane residential road when he comes upon a white truck, with a man standing beside its open driver’s side door. Another man is in the bed of the pickup. Mr. Arbery runs around the truck and disappears briefly from view. Muffled shouting can be heard before Mr. Arbery emerges, tussling with the man outside the truck as three shotgun blasts echo.
A Georgia prosecutor said on Tuesday that a grand jury should decide whether to bring charges in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25 year old unarmed black man who was pursued by two white men and shot in southern Georgia in February, as video of the encounter spread widely online.
“After careful review of the evidence,” the prosecutor, Tom Durden, of Georgia’s Atlantic Judicial Circuit, wrote in a statement, “I am of the opinion that the case should be presented to the grand jury of Glynn County for consideration of criminal charges.”

This case is just proof of how racist WHITE people really are. Black people can’t even go for a jog anymore. We cannot even do normal things anymore without being targeted by white citizens or police cops or in other words the criminal justice system.

In all honesty I am seriously tired of WHITE SUPREMACY. I am absolutely tired of white people using their privilege for any and everything and this why Black Lives Matter. Our lives matter so much and for white peoe to think our lives don’t matter is absolutely insane considering the fact that white people have absolutely NO culture. They only thing that is considered “Culture” for white folks is commiting Murders, genocide, grand larceny and biochemical warfare.

You WHITE people are soon going to learn that GOD don’t like people who messes with his people. And GOD don’t like people who messes with vulnerable people and commit damage. It’s absolutely sickening. And I speak for all black people when I say we are absolutely fed up.

For the American criminal justice system, do your job. Justice doesn’t apply to just WHITE people and if you think that black people won’t revolt against this system, that is when you are sadly mistaken. Their is karma for every action that is being committed. We don’t care about what you guys have to offer us anymore. If their is no Justice… There will NOT be any peace and that is on GOD.

My condolences to Ahmaud Aubery’s family and friends. No one should have to be Murdered because of their skin color.

And as for black people… Stop fucking cooning and butter biscuit eating. If the criminal justice system doesn’t provide justice to Aubery’s family, then we show the fuck out! And I’m not talking about rioting, I’m talking about guerilla warfare, I’m talking using technology, I’m talking about unification of every black person and protesting in huge numbers, I’m talking about financial protest, culture protest. It’s time that we show WHITE people, especially racist ones that we don’t give a fuck about the fact you can’t get a haircut or work your shit ass jobs. We haven’t been able to live in peace for 400 years! Let’s see who’s the gangster now!

Here is the video of this gruelsome murder. CAUTION⚠️ this video is graphic!

Here is a disclaimer, I understand that There are certain White folk who aren’t racist, I also understand that there are certain White folk that don’t condone the genocide or murdering of black people. So this article isn’t to single out every white person. Just those who are committing acts of hate.


The Men who murdered Ahmaud Aubery are now in custody and have been charged.

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