The TRUTH about the #MeToo movement. ♀️

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. So there is a movement that has been gaining alot of attention if not all of it, and this movement have been instrumental for taking down some very powerful men. The movement is called #MeToo and it came from a phrase that is “It happened to Me Too” and it was to shine a light on the rape culture. The movement was supposed to be a good do-er but in all honesty, is it really a movement for the greater good? Well here is the truth about this movement.

The #MeToo movement originated out of women sharing stories about experiencing sexual assault and harrasment. The movement was started by a woman named Tarana Burke who was a “Sexual Harassment survivor”. The movement was also developed by a womens movement that gained a huge momentum in response to Hillary Clinton loosing the presidential election to Donald Trump in 2016. Women felt as though they weren’t cherished or appreciated. From the #MeToo movement spawned another organization or movement for lack thereof called #TimesUp . This movement came from a “Need” where women can confront Powerful men who have been accused of sexual harrasment or assault and to address the “Rape Culture” in certain powerful professions.

Alot of powerful men have been accused of sexual harrasment or assault and about 2% of them accused have been tried in court and convicted of such acts. The movement bought down Powerful Hollywood men such as Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K , Ashton Kutcher, Bill Cosby and R-Kelly as well as CBD executive Les Moonves and Fox News Host Bill O’Reily and Fox Executive Roger Ailes.

Now of course the movement gained press and notoriety. More for the Black men that they have targeted. But as of lately the women who are apart of the movement have spoke out against black men accused of such actions but the white men who have been accused, tried and convicted have NOT been addressed and so it makes you wonder is this a movement with a sole purpose of addressing sexual assault and harrasment or is it a movement to target black men. Depending on perceptions can mean so many things. But for those who are on the outside looking in and for those who are black and intelligent would see this movement for what I might actually be.

My perceptions of this movement is a set up. A set up where these women accused black men of assault or harassment and to destroy their reputations, careers and lives. The fact that they only address situations that involve black men but haven’t address white men sets me off a bit. When Harvey Weinstein was convicted of sexual assault #MeToo’s Tarana Burke didn’t address the situation adequately. She stated that “It Isn’t my responsibility to address everything this man does” on her Twitter page. But perhaps she released another statement about the situation on which has changed from her Twitter statement.

My question is… What about the women who “Claimed” that they were sexually assaulted or harassed and signed Non Disclosure agreements and took settlements and under the table Money from the “Accusers”? Cause honestly I watch the news, I pay attention and the way these things are handled seems very sketchy and very out of place. Women who sign NDA’s and take settlement money is absolutely crazy to come out in public and accuse someone of sexual assault when you Benefitted from it in financially. Alot of women have dreams of being actresses and want to get involved in that Hollywood life when it is absolutely no secret of what goes down in Hollywood and how the “Rape Culture exist” and women will go through Hoops and do anything just to be famous or to acheive a dream of being in the entertainment industry. When the situation backfires or when common sense isn’t used or put into play then a sense a desperation comes into play and “Using what you got to get what you want” is certainly a way of life in Hollywood.

In so all of this, the truth about the #MeToo movement isn’t consistent in addressing sexual harrasment and Assault. Their isn’t any consistency in who they choose to address and so far they bought alot of black men careers and reputations to a close without any proof, in the name of “Believing Survivors” or “The Accused” I don’t see any good coming from this movement.

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