Equanimity and The Hoe Revolution part 3.😷💄💋

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone.

What do you do in a pandemic and you are trying to cure yourself? You are out of work or work as an essential professional, and you are either single, in a relationship or married and you are trying to make since of this situation because now everything has changed. You are suffering from boredom because you are in the house. You hear about people being infected with a virus and you go on social media and you see people doing challenges and playing with Tik Tok and other things. What do you do to keep yourself sane?

Well… There are tons of things. But remember self care is number 1.

So to all the ladies. Remember you are absolutely beautiful, strong, wise and it is absolutely okay to just rest and be lazy. On my days off, I’m extremely lazy and that is because I absolutely deserve it. But also remember this is a time where you want to discover yourself. Discover you hidden talents and put them to use. Learn something new and improve. Teach others and show compassion and emapthy.

Empathy- learn and understand what this pandemic is and once you have gained the knowledge then give yourself some understanding and time as to process what is going on. If you are being affected by unemployment learn about your options as to how to deal with the situation and understand your options. If you have children and school has been cancelled for them, then research education options and speak to your children’s education provider about what options are being used during this time. Dont rush into everything and take your time. If you start feeling tired then REST. Rest all you can. But give yourself empathy. Understand your feelings and get in touch with yourself.

As black people we have been put on the back burner for absolutely too long. And as of lately it seems as though white Supremacy is trying to put the BLACK FACE as the poster of the Covid-19 virus and let me reiterate that WE ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT THE POSTER CHILDREN FOR COVID-19 simply because there aren’t many of us infected. We as black people have to be knowledgeable and give ourselves empathy because we cannot depend on others to do so.

So for black people, empathy is key. To black women, empathy is key.

Sympathy- it is absolutely okay to feel bad or have deep concern for someone or something. It is okay to feel down and feel depleted. To have sympathy is to feel deeply about any sort of bad or injustice. For black people, sympathy is something that we have but we haven’t been able to show it. The pandemic hasn’t made being sympathetic any easier to address. But understand something: We have to sympathetic to our fellow black men and women. This virus is affecting us. Look out for one another and feel deeply about a situation that is impacting your fellow black men and women.

Support- it is absolutely time that we support each other during this time. Understand that “Alone Together” doesn’t include everyone and that includes black people. We have been cut out, disrespected and oppressed by white, Latino’s, Asians and other races. We need to have unity and protection for each other because no one else will give it to us. Check on your family members and friends, help feed each other and let’s create a plan where we can sustain our race and populations for years to come.

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