Does “Stay at Home” or “Social Distancing” have a racial connotation to it? ❔❓❔

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. So I want to talk about something that is important.

Since we are at the height of a pandemic, a Virus called Coronavirus or Covid-19 is a contagious virus that originated in China. The virus comes from animals and now infected humans. With now over a million people infected and over 10,000 deaths world-wide with countries implementing “Stay at home and social distancing orders” these orders have impacted the world economy ten fold. But let’s talk about what’s been going on in the United States and break down the whole “Stay at Home and Social Distancing orders” and answer the question of Does Stay at home and Social Distancing have any racial connotation to it? Does these laws apply to EVERYONE or just Black People?

With the mainstream media reporting on this virus at a very large scale and the Federal Governments contradicting orders with the state and local Governments, what is really going on here. Lately we have been seeing unfair treatment towards black people in reference to the Stay at Home and Social Distancing laws.

Black people have been dealing with racial disparities during the virus. Black people have been getting infected by this virus BUT we there hasn’t been much deaths in correlation with the virus as the mainstream media wants to put out there. They have been wanting to put a black face on this virus and that has fail to happen.

This weekend there were protest in large cities that were conducted by white people and the purpose of their protest, well they don’t like the fact that they have to stay home and they have to social distance and that their lives are being impacted. They went against state government and local government orders and no one was arrested or fined for these protest. Meanwhile in Manhattan a dozen of people were arrested on April 20,2020 for disobeying social distancing orders and having Marijuana on them. These people were BLACK.

In other parts of the United States there have been arrest and summons given out to black people for “disobeying” the Stay at Home and Social Distancing orders. But for white people… Who are the NUMBER ONE OFFENDERS disobeying the orders haven’t been arrested or summons for their actions. The worst part… The president of the United States encouraged and promoted these protest.

A Healthcare worker Blocks protesters from moving further in Colorado.

A protester yelling at a Healthcare worker.

The fact that these protesters disrespect healthcare workers is BEYOND ME…

So to answer the questions… The Stay at home and Social Distancing orders doesn’t apply to everyone and the chances of a black person getting arrested for disobeying is VERY HIGH AND LIKELY.

So to all my black people. Be safe. Be healthy and please STAY HOME to prevent getting the Coronavirus and to prevent getting arrested. Trust me. It’s hella fun to see white people embarrassing themselves and fucking up their own culture… If they even have one.

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