Pause and Think🛑🤔

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. So I want to talk about something that I feel is important.

Now When I saw this… I thought wow… That’s clever and laughed. This was about four weeks ago. But now… I honestly feel like this past decade was a doozie. It was LOUD and crazy and turbulent, in 2019 was the year that things started to happen. No one saw a pandemic or even thought that something catastrophic could happen. A virus, a virus that could kill people didn’t come into minds of an average American. Some people were going through difficult personal struggles, some people saw personal highs and every thing else. But even some People didn’t see a pandemic coming.

But then… New Years day hit. Everything was quiet. It is 2020. I started writing in my journal. I started listing goals and resolution’s and actually started implementing improvements in my life. I got a job. Started back writing and got approved for a fourth season of my Podcast #Dontkillthemessenger and my marriage started to improve and still doing great.

But then March 9,2020 the stock market crashed. That’s when I knew… Something is happening. But did I know before that?

In December 2019 I was reading news Articles about a virus in China that was causing people to become sick. I also read about how a hospital was built in 10 days specifically to combat the virus. Now of course I was paying attention because I knew that 2020 was election year and every four years some virus or germ enters the scene. This virus was new and there was no cure for it. So of course I was absolutely scared but didn’t show it. I was also prepared because the the numbers were stacking up.

So then I start hearing about how other countries were being infected with this virus, it spread from China to all over the world very fast. Now there are over a million cases of the Coronavirus with now over 5,000 deaths world-wide, and somehow I’m supposed to believe that This virus came out of thin air… Naw. This Virus came from somewhere and it was created. This virus came from China. Now most things that come from China I don’t trust. But hearing how this virus originated in the city of Wuhan where there is a location of Wet Markets, that’s when I had questions and they needed answers.

1. If this virus spreads from animal to human, what sanitation practices were used and were they used at all?

2. Why in the fuck is Chinese eating wild unclean animals?

3. Why aren’t the Chinese government taking care of their people.

4. Was this virus created in a Lab in China?

So then of course I am reading more articles and I heard somewhere that The U.S president Donald Trump and the C.I.A knew about this virus and somehow took no precaution what so ever to help stop the spread early on, allowing travel between China and the U.S and who knows what goods were being shipped from China to the U.S.

So here I go with more questions.

1. Why didn’t the United States government impose a travel ban on China?

2. Why didn’t the Intelligence agencies inform the public on what was really going on in China?

3. Why wait so late to do anything about the spread of the virus?

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