#ClubQuarantine 💃🎉🎈🏠

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. So I have something for all my supporters!

My new album named Club Quarantine is officially finished and it’s available right now on SoundCloud!

I have been working on this album for a month. This album at first was out of curiosity. I wanted to learn how to create beats for another album I am currently working on for a later release. I downloaded an app and some software and I just began playing with it. I had so much fun and feeling the music with each beat and sound. This is authentically me because if I’m not outside being an essential worker or grocery shopping, I am at HOME AND LOVING IT.💙 When I am home I am working but on my creativity. I love being a creator!

Anyways… Here. I created this album and it was fun. I hope all of you enjoy and feel good listening to it. Have a club in your house. Stay home and Be healthy.

Click the Link Below!


Check The Preview Below!

Thank you to all of my #DreamGods for supporting me from the beginning. I hope you all enjoy this album because I enjoy making it for you! 💙💃🕊️🕉️

Instagram: iamshawniedreamx

Twitter: dreamschroniclesreloaded

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