Happy Easter. 🌷🐰

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. Happy Easter to all of you from me. 🌷

So let’s get to the point here. Today, we are all living and witnessing uncertain and alarming times. It’s scary and very odd and not normal. People’s lives are changing and impacted by a novel Coronavirus outbreak. Over hundreds of thousands are infected and over thousands have died. But for those who are living and going through this… Please don’t become distracted and have HOPE. I’m not talking about Barack Obama hope or false hope. I’m talking about REAL hope and get yourselves together and pay attention, be vigilant and HEAL.

Pay attention: why I say this is because if you have watched the Press conference from the white house, National institute of allergy and infectious diseases physician Anthony Fauci and the United States president Donald Trump said that African American’s are being “heavily” affected by the Coronavirus. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!


So yeah… This leads me to my next point, we are being targeted by White folk, over in China, where this virus came from by the way; landlord are targeting black renters and evicting them even when they have paid rent with their reasoning being that black people spread or carry the Coronavirus. Yep in China they are doing this, and in America State governments are implementing fines if there are people outside for any reason other than “essential” and they are using the police to enforce this law. Pay attention to what is going on around you. I understand that this is difficult, it feels painful and you feel stuck. But just pay attention. Be mindful of what is going on around you. Watch the news but only watch what is important which is the city, state and federal press conference. After then turn it off. Don’t consume to much. It’s all new and no one saw this coming or maybe we should have saw this coming. Either way pay attention.

Now here my next frame of reference, be vigilant. Don’t be scared. But be careful. Question things. Check on your family. Be aware of your thoughts feelings. Keep your surroundings clean and sanitized, keep yourselves clean and don’t become distracted. Find your niche and find and develop your talent and be willing to educate yourself and learn about new things. Connect with yourself spiritually and don’t believe everything you read.

Now it’s time to HEAL. Your stuck in the house. Meditate, pray, use self care. Take warm showers or baths. Eat well and healthy. Drink herbal teas or wine. Pray to God and exercise and read a book or go online and read some very valuable information about economics or business. Find your creative spark. Tap into something that you have been trying to do but put it off because of work or other obligations. Don’t stress yourself out during this time and don’t worry about buying toilet paper because rich and wealthy people aren’t buying that. Look into options that will help you financially. But also keep up with your health and don’t burden yourself.

Now this Easter is different from previous ones because we are dealing with a crisis. But all is NOT lost and be grateful that you are still alive and still in your home and if you need help look online for business or entities that can and will help. And if you are NOT an essential worker please stay home because right now people in the healthcare field such as nurses and doctors are working very hard to combat this virus and keep everyone healthy and moving for All of You.

Happy Easter and may God bless us all!🕊️🕉️

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