Why I don’t feel bad that Asian American are being treated as 3rd class citizens. 🤷💯

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. So Lately as the Coronavirus outbreak seems to impact more people daily and affect business or the economy, there has been a huge increase of Asian American violence and exclusion plus racism. As many politicians and economic influencers are trying to save the from this type of stuff… African American’s are simply not giving a fuck about them and not putting money into their business and for good reason.

Asian Americans make up less than a third of American population but have reaped the benefits of racism towards African American’s and white Supremacy. They own alot of business including United States Wealth and the economy.

There are stories…TRUE STORIES of Crimes committed by Asian Americans on African Americans. Look them up if you get a chance. Now by no means am I begging or endorsing racism. But my no fucks given factor is extremely high due to the fact of my own experiences with Asian Americans and documented History of the violence they commit.

Here are a two articles of documented violence against Black people that have been committed by Asian Americans.



Now of there are more. But simply I post two just to show you how this is not a rare occurrence. Now I will post a video of what Chinese People actually think of Black People. WARNING… If you are sensitive please don’t watch… Or simply skip this article all together.


Now of course… Experiencing my own situations with Asian Americans and now with the Coronavirus outbreak happening and with the spike in violence towards Asian Americans… My thought… Wow, they are going to learn what it is exactly like to be Black! Yep that is right. I have no fucks given and I don’t care about any coalition to prevent this from happening because they have been benefitting off of racism towards us for centuries and even in their own countries they endorse violence against Black people. Now Black people are absolutely NOT committing any violence towards Asian Americans… But they have committed violence against us. As a unapologetically Black women I refuse to believe that Asian Americans are naive to the fact that African Americans get treated very bad here and been getting treated bad for centuries even during slavery and after. I have no respect or trust for the United States government when it comes to protections for African American’s but the fact that they are absolutely so quick to defend Asian Americans and give them protections irks my very soul. I’m going to be clear, AFRICAN AMERICANS DESERVE THE HIGHEST AMOUNT OF RESPECT AND PROTECTIONS AND THAT SHALL BE A FIRST PRIORITY. But of course we cannot depend on Caucasian American’s to give that to us. They caused the genocide, the systematic oppression and racism against African American’s and the Asian Americans took their skills right out of this handbook. So am I to believe that I should be okay with giving Asian Americans any of my business? Absolutely NOT.

For the first time… Asian Americans are now experiencing what it is like to be Black in America. And hopefully this will teach you guys a lesson on how to treat us. Cause honestly I don’t see the violence ending anytime soon. But you guys will need us when the economy is back in full session once this over, and who knows? You might not benefit from black customership anymore.

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