The story of Blue Dream x Princess Blue. Part 1. 👗🧥💵💰💙

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. So I wanted to write a story about Two characters who are different from each other but their similarities and their common goal.

A bill collector calls. Blue Dream Answers it. Coming off of a 24 hour cannabis binger and over eating, she answers and says “Hello”. A 5 second quietness and then “Hello. I’m calling to inform you of a 500.00 debt you owe and to receive payment of that debt. So I just need to credit card number and we can start the payment. Blue Dream hangs up knowing that she isn’t going to pay any bills at the moment. She works a 9-5 job and that’s her only source of income and she doesn’t make enough to supply herself with things she needs. She could barely afford her habit of cannabis smoking. She works overtime almost. She gets ready for work. Dreading the fact that she has to go to work, Blue Dream smokes a particular cannabis strain called Blue Dream to help her relax and not give such a fuck about her job. She leaves her house, takes the subway to her job. While riding the subway she is thinking about the day she strikes gold; dreaming about having alot of money so she can do things that she would want and like to do and being able to pay off her debts. Blue Dream is a Nurse and she doesn’t like her profession too much but she deals with it because she has become lazy and complicit in how she makes her money. She isn’t a confrontational person and barely has a social life. She dreams of getting money and knows she has to get it.

“Baby Wake up” says John. Princess Blue says “okay… I’m getting up” she has to wake up and tend to the clothing store her father and her husband owns. Princess Blue is living in luxury. But it isn’t hers. She has put in the work. Her husband makes a six figure salary and her father makes a 10 figure salary. She lives in a luxury penthouse with her husband, John, Father Bruce and her mother Annai. She has no children but her father and her husband have absolutely no respect for her. She loves the two men in her life but she is tired of working for them. She is depressed and the disrespect that her husband and father shows her has made her insane on the inside and she is filled with resentment. She dreams of the day that she will have her own income and be financially free and she also has a decision that affects her daily. Should she leave her family or should she stay and work in their company.

One day Princess Blue was arguing with her husband and father. They were accusing her of not working hard enough to gain sells. She works the cash register and she encounters very rude customers every day. She only been at 2% sales and she hasn’t gained a sale in three months. After being accused of not making sales, and the name calling and exclusion that have came with it, Princess Dream has had enough. She ended the argument with “Okay… How about ya work the cash register and ya run this shit by yourselves because I have had enough! Both of you can SUCK MY WHOLE DICK” and she walked out the building and went home. She laid in the bed and was very angry. The next day catches the train uptown to see her sister. Upon seeing her sister in her home, her sister ask her… “What of I told you that you can make 50 million dollars and it would be all yours and no one will take it from you?” It sounds good to Princess Blue. But Princess Blue was very skeptical and to her it didn’t seem possible. But her sister went on to tell her. “You can obtain it. I need someone to travel all over New York and collect some shipments and collect some debt for me. You will be working with one other person.” Princess Blue didn’t give an exact answer as to rather she would do the job. ” Okay. What are the specifics? Like what are the materials required to do this job and how shall I approach this and who am I going to be working with?”

That’s when her sister tells her “You will be a caregiver. You will work as a Nurse. I will get you an HHA license and then you will be working in homes of different clients. You just have to sit in the homes with them. Some of them you will have to clean and assist them with cooking and bathing, some of them you will just have to sit with them. You will be under a Nurse for supervision and assistance. Her name is Blue Dream and she is a nurse. You will meet her soon.”

As Princess Blue agreed to do the job; she was still very perplexed as to who the person is. She wanted to know who was Blue Dream, what she look like, what was her character and how does she work in the profession of nursing?

Five minutes later Blue Dream shows up at Princess Blue’s sister apartment. They finally meet. They didn’t get along right off the back. But they agreed to work together for the sake of acheiving a huge lump sum at the end of it. Both of them different but similar. They both have a goal. And that goal is to get paid and nothing else.

Princess Blue’s sister lets them know about the job they will do and what they have to do to get the job done. The payout was 50 million and both split which is 25 million a piece. They were to work in the clients home and after working 8 hours in the homes they were to return back to her sister. They will wear watch monitors where the sister can track their time hours and Blue Dream will be training Princess Blue on how to be a Caregiver.

To be continued. 💰💵💙🧥👗

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