Monday Motivation. Quarantine Edition. 3-23-2020☕⛅

Ayyyeee…Good Morning everyone. So today is Monday Motivation and I am here to drop these gems to help us get through the week. This one is a little different because of a situation that is considered a pandemic called the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that is calling for local and statewide shut down and bans gatherings of social events. Everyone is under quarantine to keep themselves safe. I understand the boredom and the unmotivation behind staying in your homes and not being able to continue with life as normal. But I have hope that this will pass and while we are dealing with this… Here are some gems that can help us get through.

Hopefully these gems will give you some hope. Also if you need information on how to survive this pandemic and how to protect yourself against the virus… Please check out our previous articles specifically on this website.

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