Get the bag.💰💯

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. So there is a virus out there called the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It is affecting every day Life as we know it. From overwhelming the healthcare system, affecting Financial decision regarding business to governments banning social gatherings, putting restrictions on traveling and locking down cities. With all of this going on…the financial sector has taken a big hit. With people loosing their jobs and businesses being affected with having to close down things seem uncertain as to getting the bag. Well don’t fret. You can get income without having to leave your home. Here are some gems that I have for you guys to see…

All of these are from the Instagram page called @themoneymakingpage which is absolutely helpful in financial literacy. Which right now I feel that this subject matter is important because the survival depends on it… With taking care of your physical, mental and emotional state; you also want to care for your financial state.

The stock market crashed recently. It was on March 9,2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak hitting 6 different major countries including United States. People are now selling stock at a very inexpensive price. People are also shopping online and creating content as well as other means. For me… I am a Certified Nursing Assistant that works in a nursing facility. When I am not working I am writing and podcasting and creating content, but I also decided to invest in the stock market and buy some stock. I’m trying to make sure me and my family are set. We already prepared to deal with this situation. And being Black in America comes with having to deal with the obstacles such as racism in passivity. If some shit hit the fan… I want to be secured.

For African American’s this is absolutely important that we learn about financial literacy. In order for our race to survive this pandemic and stay afloat we need to learn how to get this bag and secure this bag! We cannot use being quarantined as an excuse to not have enough capital and to not survive! I cannot stress this enough. We have to take care our health and eating unhealthy food and stressing the fuck out isn’t going to help and that’s a fact!

If we take these tools and apply them, this situation will pass us and we will survive them.

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