All Types of Content. Coronavirus edition.🎙️🎥🤳📸

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. While everyone is out of work, school and under quarantine… Here is some content I would like to show. Hopefully you find these videos/pictures educational and Entertaining.

Here we have a group of College students who are on spring break and truly don’t give A fuck about being outside. Even the first guy that is speaking looks like he definitely contracted it. 😂🙄🤷 But seriously… Stay home. For the love of God this is serious! @cbsnews

People are emptying shelves making it harder for mother’s with children to obtain the things they need. Please stop shopping for things that doesn’t pertain to you like buying formula when your ass ain’t got no babies, buying processed foods knowing that they will not build up immunities. Buy whole foods such Fresh meats, vegetables and understand that you don’t have to buy in bulk unless you have children and other dependents. @attndotcom

Everyone is in the house. Why not dedicate this time to self care. Take great care of yourselves and trust me… You won’t get the Coronavirus. Self Care is more important now than ever before.

U.S president Donald Trump calls the Coronavirus the “Chinese Virus”. His explanation… Here you go. @washingtonpost

Here you have the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo and his brother Chris Cuomo looking like fools on National Telivision. “Who does Mom find a favorite” seems like it a hot topic amongst both of them. @CNN

And to keep positity alive… Here are some gems that are important. @steven

Here at Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™ it is important that we all stay healthy and safe. Especially the African American community. Please keep from being in large gatherings and don’t leave the house unless you absolutely have to. Wash your hands and body and eat well. If you have to cough or sneeze, please cover your mouth with your arm. Keep your home sanitized and be mindful of your surroundings and each other.

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