BREAKING NEWS🚨Woah…The Senate approves a measure to give people $1000.00 as relief during the Coronavirus outbreak. 😯😲

BREAKING NEWS- New York Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. So if you have been keeping up with the news… Good. But for those who haven’t… Well here I to bring it to you.

Senate passes bill to ensure paid leave benefits to many Americans as coronavirus upends labor market. The bill now goes to Trump for enactment.
The measure, already approved by the House, secured bipartisan support, but lawmakers are already writing new legislation to try and rescue the economy in a sign of how quickly the economy is deteriorating. The Senate passed the bill 90-8
Yep. So ever since the outbreak, the economy has been in real big trouble.

The Dow Jones industrial average has fallen 10,000 points in a month, including more than 1,900 points in midday trading on Wednesday. It is now at a lower level than in January 2017, when Trump took office.
With people not working and business having to shut down due to Local and state government regulations banning people from social gatherings, people have been forced to stay home and figure out how they are going to make ends meet.
So hopefully this is good news.😊


This page isn’t working as well… But all this information I wrote down myself… Sorry for the different fonts.

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