‘Sipping the Kool Aid’ šŸ„¤ 3-16-2020

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. So I wanted to write this piece because I learned something new.

So I have an app Called Glow. It’s an app that is specifically geared to women’s health. On it’s open forum they had a comment that was on there. By one of their users. She spoke on how she was going to live here life as usual and how she isn’t scared of the Coronavirus. Now I commented under her comment and posted exactly this;

“400,000 people die of alcohol in 2018. 700,000 from tobacco and 100,000 died from the flu. Coronavirus 3,000. But okay… Ya can go back to freaking the fuck out”

Now after I posted that… I got people who are so fearful and freaking the fuck out under my comment. So here is the truth.

I refuse to sip the Kool aid.

As a Certified Nursing Assistant who works in the healthcare field and works in a nursing home, I totally understand why this virus needs to be taken seriously and how we must protect ourselves and others. But the fear and stigma’s that came with this is something I cannot deal with and refuse to deal with.

Here’s the truth about this virus, it is dangerous, it has an incubation period of 14 days and has the ability to mutate and it’s a NEW virus. It is spreading rapidly and people are getting sick.

Countries are on lockdown and healthcare resources are very straining and the demand for more test equipment is very high. Grocery stores are running low on supplies and everyone is going nuts! Our politicians and representatives are calling for social distance bans and even ban social gatherings and certain business that depend on a huge number of customers. Everyone is locking themselves in their home in the name of self-quarantine. But here’s what is really happening.

Certain people are taking advantage of this situation. You have real-estate professionals buying up properties by the dozen, even with the stock market dropping in points people are still investing and trading in huge numbers, people are clearing out grocery stores and selling those products online and dealing in price gouging. Streaming and entertainment business are profiting by people staying home and needing entertainment. Healthcare industry are exhausting their resources and those healthcare workers such as doctors and nurses are working overtime to prevent the spread of this virus.

So after realizing all of this…while working very hard this past weekend at my nursing job, I come to realize that… I need to be calm, I have to be calm, I have to exercise critical thinking and practice standard precaution. I was always a clean individual and always exercise the practice of handling soiled and dirty belongings carefully and keeping them contained in one area, covering my mouth with my arm when I sneeze and cough, wearing gloves and washing my hands with soap after touching anything. I always keep my household clean and I always practice great body hygiene. That has never stopped and will continue to be always in use when it comes to myself and my spouse. When I’m outside my house I still take Precautions and when I’m at work, those practices are always in use to help keep myself in good health and keep my patients in good health.

So no… I won’t be ‘Sipping the Kool Aid’ by watching the mainstream news media implementing fears and I will listen and heed to all precautions and pay attention to the numbers and keep myself and those around me safe.

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