Equanimity and The Hoe Revolution. Part 3. ♀️🚺👡

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. So Happy International women’s day! ♀️

Here on part 3 of this series I want to talk about the beginning stages of life for a female and how being a parent has a huge influence of education and self esteem.

So lately it seems as though every female wants to be a hoe. Why??? Well here are some of the factors.

Miseducation. A lot of black females come from single parent households where there isn’t enough time being spent on connecting with the parent/daughter and teaching during non school hours. Sometimes neglect sets in. Attention is what is wanted to feel validated. When babies the female needs more attention from her mother while the male needs attention from BOTH mother and father. But it is highly important that the father is absolutely present in the daughters life from birth to twenties. A father is the first man in a females life. That’s how it’s supposed to be. A man can provide discipline for a female which is absolutely important. In the real world… This is not always the case. Depending on and what statistic you look at… Or even your own experience… It can either be the father or mother. But when you look at the what’s being seen here; For men; their fathers were absent. At least that is what I have have seen with men that I know. In recent years such as the 1980’s more women experienced growing up without BOTH PARENTS. This is what grew the foster care system. Abandoned children were put into system controlled by the courts. Now your in a situation where someone else other than the biological parents are caring for you. Depending on where you go or who the person is and rather of they have the capability to provide care… Who knows. But the lack of REAL scientific education and implementing that into children does damage.

Self-Esteem. The development of self esteem starts in mid to late childhood. Usually by that time puberty sets in and that is where the changes occur physically and emotionally. At this stage children are more vulnerable to influences such as pop culture standards of beauty and social media standards also with other cultural aspects. As parents or guardians it is important that confidence and the ability to allow mental stimulation be implemented. Talk to your children about sex and give them the most realest sexual education and talk to them about history of black culture and education them on influences of beauty that isn’t real or obtainable. Let them know that what is being portrayed on television isn’t real and discuss pornography with your children. Let them know that the people on film are JUST actors. They make money from this and just as when they could’ve done something else with their life to make a living they chose degrading themselves on camera. Help children understand their worth and be very honest with them about relationships.

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