Michael Bloomberg drops out the presidential race!😂😂😂

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. So Former NYC mayor and now Former presidential candidate for the 2020 election Michael Bloomberg has dropped out of the presidential race.

Okay I am happy that this has happened. As a New Yorker I was extremely happy. If you don’t know why… I will tell you why. 🤷

Michael Bloomberg was a former NYC mayor (2003-2013) under his administration he turned New York City into a epic change of gentrification, financial marketing and everything else you see New York City being what it is today!

But he was also a constructor and architect of the Infamous and most racist tactic of all…NYPD Stop and frisk program. What is that you ask? Okay.

Stop and frisk was a practice that was implement by Bloomberg and done by the NYPD to stop and frisk anyone who maybe looking suspicions.

What that did Ultimately was disproportionately imprisoning Black and Latino citizens.

He locked up more Black people in NYC than any mayor before him. He defended the Stop and Frisk program to the death of him. Then he apologized to the public for starting and defending the program once he put his bid in for president.

Here is an leaked audio of Michael Bloomberg himself defend the program.

For one… This is absolutely inhumane and absolutely wrong… Morally and legally. And that’s why I don’t care for his presidential bid. He is super successful and stanking rich. He bought his third election when he was mayor and he is super racist.

He believes that money buys power and on the expenses of other people he can go and demonize not only the poor but black people.

So Bloomberg dropping out of the presidential race made me happy and I’m giving him the biggest Dickhead of the Day to Mr. Michael Bloomberg. 😂😂😂