Equanimity and The Hoe Revolution part II . 💄👠♀️

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. So I wanted to write a piece based off my previous article about being a black woman and the issues that affect us. In this article I wanted to touch base on another issue that I think it’s important and that is Self Care and the role self esteem plays as well as technology.

When is it time to tune in and when is it time to turn off? For many of us modern black woman, the norm is being independent, being mother’s, having a career or a hustle and handling a household. But for women who aren’t single, but still have career’s and hustle, are mother’s and are handling a household, or maybe have no children… The same applies, We are busier than ever before. We are very hard-working and producers of our fruit. We reap what we sow and build on what we like to see flourish. But sometimes if not most, there is pressure and even though it’s good to have pressure, when the stress from the pressure becomes dangerous and life threatening, is it okay to stay tuned in or shall we just tune out and turn off? It depends. I’ll explore more in depth of the question here.

Saying yes can be powerful. Saying no is just as powerful. Today woman make up 60% of the American workforce. In New York, women make up 65% of the workforce. An average woman cannot afford to be a single mother in New York State and in America period. Some woman have to work 2 jobs just to survive. We have to be stern in our approach to life while dealing with a hormone called Estrogen. In today’s world, were not our grandparents, were not even our parents some of the time. Our mothers and grandmother’s didn’t have to work to make ends meet if there was a significant other around. They had children and became stay at work mom’s. Even the women without children only had to focus on their relationships.

So when is it time for us to focus on ourselves? The answer is everyday, or at least once every two days. When focusing on yourselves you have to care for yourself. Self-Care is extremely important for black women because in order for us to take care of business, we have to take care of ourselves. What does that consist of?

1. Education.

Learn something new. Learn about yourself. Learn about what you like and what you don’t like. Learn about what makes you happy and productive. Dive deeper into your ideas and think about how you handled situations during the day or week and think about your relationships and rather you want to pursue them or not. Think of problem solving strategies for yourself and how they may be beneficial for you and others.

2. Hygiene.

Yes ladies. Hygiene is very important. What you do and eat will impact your body and when you are constantly working and not focus on yourself you begin to stink. You stink mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. So ladies, you want to take care of your mental. You want to take care of your emotional and connect with yourself spiritually. Once you have done that then take care of yourself physically. That means clean yourself of any impurities. Now I also want to mention something that is important; TAKE CARE OF YOUR PUSSY LADIES. Yes those lady parts are going to require attention, love and care. If you are sexually active, make sure you clean down there. Now I’m not recommending douching or applying water to the vagina. But what I am applying is Learning about your vagina. Here are some universal rules about how to care for that vagina.


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