Why Gayle King was held accountable for the bringing up Kobe Bryant’s former charges during an interview with Lisa Leslie.❓

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So Lately Journalist Gayle King was held accountable by the public opinion and the internet as well as celebrities for the interview she did on CBS This Morning with Former WNBA player Lisa Leslie. In this interview she bought up Charges that were dismissed in court when a woman accused the Late NBA player Kobe Bryant of Rape. She bought up those charges and asked Lisa Leslie what she thought about it to which Lisa Leslie implied that Kobe Bryant never came off as that kind of person and to leave those accusations in the past. After the interview aired, the public judged Gayle King as a person who hated black men and the internet dragged her and the NEW black media called her out. But why was she held accountable?

The mainstream media is owned by Rich White men. CBS network which had it’s share of scandal and turnovers is already suffering low ratings of it’s Morning news segments as well as it’s evening news segments. In 2018 Former CBS owner Les Moonves was ousted from the network on proven accusations of sexual harassment and assault. CBS network never talked about it nor made any headlines and also went as far as to cover it up. Gayle King who is a best friend of Oprah Winfrey who is also a fellow Journalist who has a history of tearing down black men and black culture on her former talk show did a interview with R&B singer and Grammy award winner R-Kelly in 2019 about his accusations of Rape and molestation and constantly bought it up. The interview tore R-Kelly apart and the public saw what it did psychologically. Gayle King showed no respect for Kobe Bryant’s family and his legacy.

This was clear to see and when their is a History of this sort of thing happening… It was important and necessary to call it out. So that is what happened. NBA player LeBron James went on Twitter and called out Gayle King and then you have Rapper Snoop Dogg, Lil Boosie and 50 Cent and then Comedian Bill Cosby tweeted from jail who is convicted of sexual assault called Gayle King out. But not only did the celebrities call out Gayle King but so did the new black media “The Black Channel” and of course the public including myself.

Kobe Bryant was a NBA player who played for the Los Angeles Lakers for 10 years until 2009. He has won Championships and MVP standing. He is noted as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He was married to Vanessa Bryant of 20+ years and has five children(due for correction) he has gave notably to charity and has started a foundation geared to the health of African American community. Kobe Bryant passed away from a deadly helicopter accident along with his daughter.

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