Equanimity and The Hoe Revolution. Part I

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie everyone. So I wanted to write a piece on something I feel that it’s important and something that is in the black community should be talking about.

Attention seeking and emotions; is there a thin line between these two; The logic and the impact of the feminism movement and why it is highly dangerous; The Emasculation of the Black men, The LGBT impact and the millennials and Generation Z; does it all make sense?

Well; what I have witnessed in the last decade is changes that have affected the black community. But one thing I haven’t seen is an equality or equity of some sort.

When the internet became very popular, emails and pornography were king. The fact that we were able to communicate with each other without telephone and mailing letters was revolutionary. But also being able to watch nudity and see sexual acts being performed without paying for DVDs and VHS cassettes were also revolutionary. Of course for the Geeks and Nerds who invented the internet and those who witnessed its come up says those were the innocent days. Fast forward 20 years later and here comes social media.

Myspace, Facebook of course were the two most popular in the middle 2000’s . People were able to build profiles rather real of fake identities and make money by promoting music, videos, movies, products and ECT. But then later on about six years and here comes Instagram and Twitter. Both were considered revolutionary with Instagram being a social media specifically focused on pictures and Twitter being focused on small thoughts and media postings to 120 characters. Instagram being the biggest social media platform which was bought and acquired by Facebook in 2012 for 150 million dollars gave Facebook value. Two years later here comes Snap Chat. Snap Chat focused on Images and videos with real time locations and being able to chat with people on that specificality.

Now you take social media platforms and mix that with Real social impact changes now you have a bowl of cereal that can either be good or bad for you depending on how it’s perceptions are. But now… I’m not talking about perceptions, I’m talking history and science of what these mixtures can do to a race of people.

Social media can make a huge impact on life as being seen by millions. Of course look at the 2016 election and of course NOW. What I have witnessed is politicians talking alot of shit but not doing shit. Behaviors that wasn’t socially acceptable or morally acceptable are now acceptable.

I’m here to pull cards and let it be known that alot of these movements are a determent to the black community. The feminism movement is very dangerous and created toxic femininity. For black women to feel independent is okay but to internalize it and Emasculation the black men is NOT okay. For centuries our existence depended on family, community. That is how we survived and multiply and accomplished so much. Once white supremacy came along, you have slavery, genocide, murder and pillage and course sickness and disease, that had destroyed the community we once had that was very important. Feminism was developed by White women who were not okay with what white men were doing and wanted to exercise their freedoms and Independence and greed. How did this come into the black community? Well you have the civil Rights movement that began with black people and now being hijacked by white woman and LGBT community. During that time we asked for intergration and equality. That didn’t do us any good to be perfectly honest. What we should’ve been asking for is Tangibles and equity.

I also wonder when did it become okay to post nudity and pornography on social media and gain game off it? When did it become okay to post attention seeking behavior and when did it become okay to not communicate with each other on a personal level? What the internet and social media have done is made it okay to be completely introverted. It allowed people to be keyboard gangsters and commit crimes that if done outside of being on the computer would’ve gotten people jail time. And when people post naked pictures and engage in promiscuous behavior online… It is considered prostitution which is still a crime in most jurisdictions but on the internet is has been seen as an okay. Let’s not forget how websites that post advertisements for prostitution such as Backpage and Craigslist had a huge government shakedown and got shut down or certain advertisements deemed services for sex or personals are no longer allowed to be posted. This was due to child trafficking increasing in the United States.

Honestly social media if not used for good can be highly destructive. I had experiences where I didn’t use my social media for the good and rather for attention seeking behaviors. I tried to gain clout by being someone that I wasn’t and developing into characters in my mind that would gear to an audience. That didn’t do me any good though. I was being laughed at and not taking seriously and hurting people in the process. I learned a valuable lesson. STOP CLOUT CHASING. I had to learn to be myself and love the skin I am in and to never forget where I came from and to appreciate and learn what my moral and value code is. One thing is… I can never from here on forward be a clout chaser. My purpose is way more valuable and that is to be there of service to my people.

Stay tuned for part two of this article.

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