Spirituality. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT! 🕉️🕊️🇬🇳🌍💯

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone and Happy Sunday. Today I would like to discuss spirituality and why it is important.So growing up I used to hear “Girl you need to find you a GOD and stick with it” at the times of hearing it I just figured that when someone said it it would means I’m “Crazy”. I didn’t realize the importance of it til NOW.And when I mean NOW… I don’t mean today, yesterday or last week. I realize this a whole year ago… But I didn’t have the time or energy to put it FIRST! And that is what I mean. PUT YOUR SIPRITUALITY FIRST! It means find a god, and organize your mental, find a point of reference and reflect on yourself.For me I believe in Jehovah God and his son Jesus Christ and the Weather, I use meditation for mental clarity and vibes of energy and karma is point of reference and I always truthfully think about what I did throughout the day and week and put down a list of goals to accomplish though out the week. I also keep a mental footnote to always prepare for the worst but hope and look for the best. That helps me to handle anything my lowest points and my highest points. I have struggled and fell very low throughout my life. I have experienced highs and lows and have been broke and is even broke now. But I am blessed and my spirits stay strong and high and it gives me the motivation to handle my business and stay on code. Before finding my spirituality I was lost and felt down and depressed and didn’t accomplish anything positively as well as financially. My marriage was at its absolute worst and I wasn’t getting along with my partner. I was homeless on purpose and lost everything including employment. Now at this point of me writing this; I have a home, I’m with my husband and I am still married and I have employment where I am 75% financially secured. I am blessed wholeheartedly and feel very great and I’m healthier than I was two months ago. How… Because I started to put my spirituality first and be very honest with myself in reflections. I became tired and thus had no more tiredness to give. This comes with Very brutal honest Accountability. You have to find the problem and diagnose it.The process of elimination is next. This comes with discipline and sacrifice. To have to eliminate what isn’t working for you. It can be tangibles as well as methods and habits. For me I was a smoker. I smoked cigarettes and marijuana. I had to quit. They weren’t doing anything positive for me but okaying procrastination and cancer. I have been two months clean of both and I don’t have the desire to do them because I put reading, watching educational entertainment, exercise, and enrichment of diet and mental, emotional and spirituality to replace those toxic habits.I am very careful of what I put in my body. I am very aware that my body is a temple and that what I put into it is what I will endure. I stop eating things that were toxic to my health such as sugars and carbohydrates. I eat lean meats and Replace sugar with Stevia and use alot of herbs and spices and natural clean oils. I eat clean vegetables and fruits and I make sure I am as active as I can be. No sleep during the day and make sure I sleep at night. It has made such a tremendous difference positively in my life. I can breathe better, think better, move better and accurately, I have good strength and I my body is doing alot better.Elimination people who ARE NOT GOOD for you. Yes. I have eliminated 98% of the people in my life because they were not good for me. That is something I have established through experience. If someone have negative energy and you always feeling uncomfortable and unsubtle around people or if people have gone out their way to hurt you or cause any subtraction in your life; cut them off. Don’t leave them hanging around you. What I did simply was stop talking to them. I stop dealing with them. No phone numbers are saved, I even blocked them, eliminate them from social media, and even getting rid of certain social media avenues, don’t show up to the same space that their at and don’t allow them in my space. Now I haven’t created enemies with this route. But I simply either let them know if I feel it’s worth it, or I just simply let them go by silence. Be careful who you let in your life because not everyone loves you. Not everyone likes you. Anyone who is an instrument of destroying you have to go and that can BE ANYONE. Friends, Family, Co-Workers, ECT. Snakes come in many shapes, sizes, careers and links.Putting priorities before other things. I mean priorities that are important to your survival. Bills, Food, medicine, transportation. Those are the things important to your survival. Keeping a roof over your head, food in your refrigerator, lights and gas on and making sure you have a place of employment to make sure those things are met. Financial Security is absolutely important. Can not survive with out money and having money is what is going to pay the bills, have the food, have lights and gas on and a roof over your head to keep you warm and physically secure. Putting that before things such as partying, Drugs and alcohol, the latest clothes, social media and ECT. Put your survival before anything else.For those who are in relationship of intimacy; PUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP OR MARRIAGE AS OF IMPORTANCE. If you are married, put your marriage 2nd. Put God first because you need a point of reference to guide and keep your marriage healthy and bounded. Put your partner first. Love and be attentive and honest with your partner. Trust your partner and work as a team. Loyalty is also very important because it is a commitment that is binded by God and the Law. It is the biggest investment you will ever make and destroying that commitment has devestating effects.Spiritually plays a huge role in a person life and it is the most important role. It guides you through every process in your life and helps you through every single circumstance. I hope that this serves everyone well.Follow me on Social Media.Instagram: shawniedreamxTwitter: DreamsChroniclesReloaded

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