The REAL healing. Why is it important?

Ayyyeee…What’s Goodie Everyone. So I wanted to write this article about healing and why it is important in the 21st century to have REAL healing; especially in the African American Community. Healing in the African American Community is not a subject of looks or flaunting. Healing is about empowerment and uplifting one self and each other. The separatist attitude that have been dwelling in the African American Community comes from the influence of White supremacy. The images the media display and the lies we have been told by the medical industry and the information put out there by corporations and publications are a huge detriment to Black Community. As a healthcare Worker and someone who has experience with failure and made some very bad decisions in life and is constantly taking accountability and responsibility for the actions cause by myself and constantly learning and changing to become a better me and make a difference for those around me including my family(marriage). I am going to drop some true gems that will hopefully give insight for those to embrace their true selves and serve for yourselves and those around you.Stop self loathing and self pity! I have been a victim of this. It does nothing and it stop short of the healing that can occur. Every bad decision made has a consequence and making decisions off of emotion is not a good thing. Use logic and use it carefully. Understand your decisions! Accept the consequences.Take accountability. This I cannot stress enough. Don’t blame anyone for why you are poor and broke and don’t have the things you need. You have to blame yourself! Don’t blame anyone for why they choose to leave you alone or do any harm you. What you put out into the world is what you will give back. I know this first hand. If you do bad in the world you will get bad back… You do harm onto others harm will be done onto you. Treat others the way you will like or want to be treated. Now in real life you may live by these things but not reap it back. It’s okay. Keep living by doing good. Spiritually and the universe has a way of giving back to you. But when you do harm to yourself and others you will reap what you sow and the consequences will occur for you and just accept it and move on.Stop damaging yourselves (for the ladies) and I mean outer looks. In the media today black women feel the pressure to meet certain beauty standards and by certain I mean the European beauty standards. Having lighter skin and long bone straight hair is an EUROPEAN beauty standard. Not African American. Our melanin is very beautiful and it’s worth more than gold. Our skin color is very valuable and if you don’t believe me… Google it. Our hair is very beautiful. Our coil tresses and curl pattern is what makes our hair very unique and valuable. It can with stand alot of enviromental circumstances and its strength and versatility is what gives it the GOLD standard. Our hair can go into 100 different ways and can be styled over 200. That’s our natural hair. Now wearing weaves and perming it will permanently damage it over time, leaving you with alopecia and a damaged curl pattern and strands. Also Chemically relaxing your hair will cause cancer research have shown. GOOGLE IT! Wearing wigs and weaves will damage your hair because the means you have to go through to attach hair to your own hair. Sewing it will damage your hair because of the sewing string itself. The string can cut your hair and when cutting the hair off the braid can lead to accidentally cutting your own hair. Gluing your hair will damage your hair by pulling your hair out of the scalp… To put it in the most rawest terms… Your Scapling the fuck out of yourself by gluing hair onto your head. OUCH! And wearing wigs is like wearing a hat… You cover you hair…your depriving your hair and scalp of oxygen. Your hair is technically a plant and without water, light, and oxygen it will die. Now why do this harm to yourself to keep up with an image that isn’t valuable or healthy… Now I move on… Body enhancements such as silicone boobs and silicone buttocks… Or enhance buttocks… Now I’m going say this… If you were not naturally given these assets then it wasn’t meant for you to have them. Over 25,000 women over the past 12 years have died from artificially enhanced procedures. The image of having a bigger butt have became popular over the decade from certain celebrities showing off their rear ends. This IT standard has led women to going to great lengths to achieve this feature. Back door silicone butt injections and leaving the country to go to other countries to get cheaper procedures done has led to death and emergency room visits than previous decades before. This look of having a bigger rear end is very unhealthy and very unreal. African American women have very different bodies and our ancestors did not have big butts and we’re not full figured. Bigger breast were not the standard for our ancestors and they were not assets to show off and project an image. They were used as nutritional convinces such as feeding a newborn baby or babies. They were the top nutritional standard and still is til this very day! The breast milk has over 100 vitamins and minerals that we provide ourselves with everyday and we pass this on to our children and the benefits it has on the children are EXTRORDINARY!!! Now why would you want to change your image to meet a white supremacy standard of beauty when that standard is very dangerous and detrimental and NOT EVEN REAL?Black men and women… I move on to Nutrition and Activity. Diabetes is the number one killer in the African American Community. Diabetes is when the pancreas an organ that is responsible for producing insulin which is a necessary hormone that sends glucose to cells and provides energy and growth is no longer available. A human can only produce a certain amount of insulin in it’s lifetime and the supply is very limited. When sugar or carbohydrates enters the body the brain sends signals to the pancreas to produce insulin at a fast pace. Once the pancreas is working into overdrive, it becomes damaged and when insulin is dumped… It is being dumped in large quantities. Once the pancreas stop producing insulin, that is very dangerous because without insulin the glucose will go to the cells in the body and attack them and cause a bacterial overgrowth which can clog the veins of extremities and stop blood from flowing which lead to amputations and then can attack the brain and other very important organs which for the brain especially can lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and stroke. For lungs and heart the glucose can be sent to these organs and without a guide to send it to important areas can cause growth of non- useful cells and those cells will attack the organs and cause death. This is important to know because 1 in 5 African Americans are diagnosed with Diabetes. The cause is Unhealthy food such as sugar and carbohydrates which can cause weight gain and obesity now mix all of this and you have diabetes and high blood pressure. How can this be avoided? Well… A Healthy nutritional diet can avoid all of this. Now I’m going to a previous article I have done about a diet that has been gaining popularity for sometime called the Ketogenic Diet will help reduce and cure diabetes. This diet consist of elimination Carbohydrates and sugars and using fats and proteins. Eating meat and certain vegetables what this diet consist of. Now eating carbohydrates but in very low amounts are also useful in this diet. There are three types diets included in the Ketogenic Diet. (See previous article to learn about them) Now lets improve our diet and be educated about what we eat. For years we have been consumed with fast-food such as McDonald’s and KFC, Popeyes and others and the food that they produce is Very unhealthy and what they research have shown is that their is absolutely NOT WHOLE AND REAL FOOD! They use chemicals to mass produce the food and those chemicals are not supposed to be entering the body. My advice is to stop eating fast-food and learn about eating healthy whole foods. Learn how to real the nutrition labels and learn about alternatives to sugar and carbohydrates. Learn about diets and educate yourself on the medical industry and the lies the tell.Education is very important! Take time to educate yourself on the world around you. Science and math are the most valuable skills in the world. Also carpenting and nursing amongst other skills. Learn about white supremacy and why the African American race isn’t succeeding monetarily. We are a 5 trillion dollars Race and yet we have no businesses and no stock gain or capital. That is ABSOLUTELY NOT ACCEPTABLE. It’s time for start getting education and training to start and build business. It’s time that we start utilizing the internet and gain an education from it.I just dropped some gems and yes it’s time that we start heeding to these gems… There are more but I will continue to write articles that are for the UPLIFTING and EMPOWERMENT of the Black Community.I drop gems on my social media daily. Follow me on Instagram @shawniedreamx and Twitter @DreamsChroniclesReloaded

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